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The developer of Shovel Knight, Yacht Club Games, will be holding a presentation to show off its upcoming projects. This will mark the second time the developer has made announcements via Livestream ala Nintendo. The presentation is taking place on February 26 at 12 pm EST and can be viewed via YouTube or Twitch.

The presentation will include all new information on both Shovel Knight Dig and Cyber Shadow, as well as some things we haven’t seen before. Shovel Knight Dig is being co-developed by both Yacht Club Games and Nitrome. Nitrome’s history predominantly includes the development of Flash and Mobile Games, with this being their first major project.

Shovel Knight Dig follows the titular hero from the first games as he ventures underground after villain Drill Knight steals his treasure. It’s looking to be a bonified sequel to the original games from what we’ve seen so far. With many of the beloved gameplay mechanics like shovel bouncing remaining intact.

The other major project Yacht Club Games is working on is Cyber Shadow. Cyber Shadow is being made by just one man who’s officially known as Mechanical Head Studios. Yacht Club Games is responsible for publishing the futuristic side-scroller.

It’s no surprise Yacht Club Games is ramping up for some big news considering they finally finished working on Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove by releasing the long-awaited King of Cards expansion.

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