Pirates Outlaws () is a new roguelike card game from Fabled Game Studio that you may have seen floating around the pre-order section in the App Store, and now it’s graduated from pre-order status to full release. Well, sort of. It’s currently live in some parts of the world but hasn’t quite arrived in the US App Store just yet, but that should be happening within the next few hours if previous pre-orders are anything to go by. What’s important is that Pirates Outlaws looks really cool. As stated it’s a roguelike card game where you play as a pirate captain who must recruit a team of other pirates to go on excursions to exotic locales plundering loot, new cards, and valuable relics. You won’t go unchallenged though, and you’ll have to partake in turn-based card battles to reap those rewards. Here’s a trailer.

Pirates Outlaws features 50 outlaws to battle and 20 unique bosses to defeat across three different chapters with more planned for updates. There are six different pirate captains to start off with that each have their own unique abilities and pre-made deck of cards, and there are more than 250 additional cards to collect throughout the game. The game costs 99¢ on both iOS and Android, but it does contain in-app purchases, and I’ll be curious to see just how that is implemented into the game as a whole. Whatever the case I’m very interested in checking out Pirates Outlaws and love the look of the game in the trailer. If you’re on iOS you can grab it with the link below and if it’s not quite out of pre-order in your area yet it should be in the next couple of hours. It looks like the version for Android on the Google Play Store is available already no matter where you are, and whichever version you end up with be sure to drop by the forum thread to share your thoughts about it.

from TouchArcade https://toucharcade.com/2019/03/05/pirates-outlaws-now-available/