The almighty Grim Reaper has certainly got his hands tied with the constant influx of people sliding off their mortal coil, but he’s got some help in the form of his daughter in Fireroot Studios’ new title Rogue Reaper. Though this pint-sized undertaker packs the necessary tools for the job, this is one title that should have stayed dead.

Rogue Reaper Review

Things are looking bleak for Europe in the Dark Ages. A plague has swept the land, knocking out 30-50% of the popular. Though it means there is a steady stream of work for the Grim Reaper, he is getting a little overwhelmed with his duties while in the Underworld. His daughter, not one to take things sitting down, takes off into the World of the Living to find the source of the plague and abolish it, scythe and lantern in hand.

All of this story is told in the first few minutes of the game, and that is all the story that is provided. Though the initial opening cutscene is well done and fully voiced, this level of polish does not carry over to the game proper.

Rather, those that enter the World of the Living as this mini reaper will be greeted to a world of muddy textures, maze-like city streets, and more fog than the world of Silent Hill. The game has does have an end point – fountains serve as checkpoints and there is always somewhere else to go. However, for every narrow passageway, there is another wide open area with a number of dead ends.

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Along the way, a number of enemies stand in her way. The standard attack has her shooting out a blade of damage to all those who interfere with her duties, but the hit detection does not give off a satisfying feeling of impact when done. Most battles devolve into circle strafing, all while clicking until the foe is vanquished. Stealth kills are also available, but those do not always work as they should.

The other method of attack lies in telekinesis. Players can pick up objects and fling them at foes, but this requires a bit too much action on account of the player. Those who take the time to utilize this system will already take a few hits, putting them at a distinct disadvantage.

Other than these two mechanics, a dash move and a wall run are also at the player’s disposal. The wall run, though used sparingly, works as you would expect it to. However, the dash does not serve its purpose, providing a brief jolt with a cooldown. We ended up not using this mechanic for most of the game and completed the title without much trouble.

If anything, this title is overly short. From start to finish, we were able to complete Rogue Reaper in around 20 minutes. There are some perks players can earn, and there are a handful of achievements, but it barely does anything before wrapping things up.

Rogue Reaper’s bland aesthetics and short length squander any of its potential. Though this is a free title, it could have used more time in development.

This review of Rogue Reaper Review was done on the PC. The game was freely downloaded.
Rogue Reaper Review

The almighty Grim Reaper has certainly got his hands tied with the constant influx of people sliding off their mortal coil, but he’s got some help in the form of his daughter in Fireroot Studios’ new

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