Rogue Legacy 2 Trait Guide
Want to know the meaning of all the new Traits added to the game? This Rogue Legacy 2 Trait Guide lists every possible trait we have discovered on our adventures through the game, including the effect of each trait. Every character that is generated in Rogue Legacy 2 has a potential to be created with zero, one, or two Traits, so they are a very important part of the game. Let’s get into the Trait system.

What Are Traits

What Are Traits In Rogue Legacy 2
Traits are character traits assigned to each of the characters created in the game. There is a huge variety of different traits, each offering different potential challenges and bonuses to your run in Rogue Legacy 2. Traits now also give a boost to gold, which is both good and bad. Typically, the bigger boosts to gold (as high as 150%) are placed on Traits that make a run incredibly difficult. These can do everything from limiting your vision, to killing you in a single blow.

Whether or not you choose the character with those dangerously rewarding Traits or not is down to you, but it’s an interesting risk vs. reward system.

How To Unlock More Traits

How To Unlock More Traits In Rogue Legacy 2
Currently Rogue Legacy 2 is in its earliest stage of Early Access. This means there’s a lot more mechanics to come. At the moment, Traits only appear to be unlocked during the character selection stage. When you start a fresh run you can choose from three new characters. Sir Kenny here is a Knight that has the Pacifist Trait. To learn the effects of the Trait you must select a character with a ???? Trait.

Then, once you start the game, you can check the Trait on the pause menu. The Trait also lists the additional bonus gold, +90% in the case of the Pacifist.

Trait List & Meaning

Trait List & Meaning

Trait Name Trait Effect
Aerodynamic Spinkick is replaced by downstrike
Antiquarian The screen has a retro tint applied
Associative Agnosia You and enemies are blacked out
Bookish 150% magic damage & mana, 50% health and melee damage
C.I.P Gold Can’t see your own health
Cartographer Map is revealed but there is no position marker
Charismatic 15% Discount at shopkeepers.
Clumsy Objects break on touch
Colorblind Game is played in black and white
Crippling Intellect -75% Health & Weapon Damage, -50% Mana. Mana regenerates over time.
Disattuned 25% Less health but you can only be hit in the heart
Diva Places a spotlight around the character and enemies
Dwarfism You are much smaller
Ectomorph Enemies knock you back further
Emotional Dysregularity Mana cost and damage increased by 100%
Endomorph Enemies barely move you
FMF Fan You have good taste.
Gigantism You’re much bigger
Glaucoma Only a small area around the character is lit, the rest is black
Histrionic All numbers are exaggerated
Hollow Bones You fall more slowly
Hypergonadism Knockback to enemies is increased
IBS You will sometimes fart when jumping.
IIB Muscle Fibers Gives you Super Jump
Light Sensitivity Everything is brightened
Muscle Weakness Knockback against enemies severely reduce
Nostalgic Old style tinting is applied
OCD Breaking stuff restores mana
Optical Migraine Everything near your character is blurry, it clears up at distance
Osteogensis Imperfecta You die in 1 hit
Pacifist You cannot attack or deal damage
Panic Attacks When you are hit, the screen is blurred
Puritan Enemies are blurred
Synethesia Everything leaves behind color trails when moving
Tunnel Vision Only the area directly ahead of your character, across the screen, is visible
Vertigo Everything is upside down
Treasure Hunter Start with a random relic

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