Here’s some exciting news: Late last week Rockstar Games updated Bully: Anniversary Edition ($6.99) with full screen support for all the latest iOS devices. Why is that exciting? Well you may recall that we’ve been patiently waiting for Rockstar to update their iOS games with modern device support, and they actually kicked that initiative off back in May of last year with Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas ($6.99). I kind of figured that would set off a chain reaction of all their games getting similar updates around the same time. I was wrong. Their next game to receive a full screen update was Max Payne Mobile ($2.99), but it didn’t come until more than five months later in mid-October. The next one to follow that was Grant Theft Auto: Vice City ($4.99), which was updated just a couple of weeks ago. So that’s what’s exciting to me, is that the Bully update comes rather quickly on the heels of the Vice City update. Maybe that means we won’t be forced to wait such long stretches between updates for the remaining Rockstar iOS library?

Whatever the case, I’m extremely happy that Bully has finally received a full screen update. It was one of the Rockstar titles I’d been hoping for the most, and is truly one of the most unique games of the PS2-era open-world sandbox games. Don’t get me wrong, crime and shenanigans in Grand Theft Auto is a blast as well, but in Bully you’re actually playing as a student going to school and the simulation is quite faithful. You still have a ton of open world to explore and lots of different activities to partake in, but everything is framed around you being a teenager in school and having to actually do things like attend classes on time and not be out on the streets after curfew. It’s surprisingly fun, and you can read all about our thoughts on Bully: Anniversary Edition in our original review and our Game of the Week write up from when the game came out on iOS back in late 2016. As for which Rockstar game I have my fingers crossed to receive an update next? Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars ($4.99). Bring it on.

from TouchArcade