It seems that loot boxes are becoming inconvenient for the video games companies and new forms of monetizing the games are starting to appear. After Electronic Arts has removed them from Star Wars Battlefront II very recently now it´s the turn for another popular game to announce changes to its current system. Psyonix has announced that Rocket League will be dropping the Crates system in favor of a new one that will use blueprints instead.

In August, the creators of Rocket League announced their intention of dropping the loot boxes system, but no details were given about what would they be replaced with. Now, we finally know that Blueprints, a new cash shop and a new premium currency are the key elements of the new Rocket League. Blueprints can randomly drop after matches and you need to unlock them using Credits. The big difference in this case is that you know what you will be unlocking, even if you still have to obtain the blueprint that you want first by playing. Credits will also be used to buy item from the shop, but another big change regarding those is that all paid items will be bound to your account, making impossible to trade them to other players. All those changes will be applied in an update that will arrive in December.

Rocket League – Blueprints

If you are a Rocket League player and you have keys or unopened loot crates when the patch is released, all your keys will be converted into Credits and each of your crates will be turned into a different blueprint.

We may see these kinds of changes in other games in the future, especially if we consider the increasing number of countries that consider loot boxes as a way of gambling and have started to look at the way some video games are being monetized.

People will undoubtedly continue to buy things in Rocket League and we highly doubt that these modifications will lead to a significant change in the revenues of Psyonix, but if they allow for a more transparent system, they are more than welcome.

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