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Control, an upcoming action-adventure game by Remedy Entertainment, has gone gold today according to a Tweet by the game’s director, Mikael Kasurinen.

For those who may be in the dark, when a game “goes gold,” it means the game has been finished and will be or has been shipped to distributors for production and shipment of discs to retailers. It’s a huge, final step for a game that sees the final culmination of years and years of hard work and dedication. It’s quite possibly one of the greatest feelings in game development. It’s also a scary one because nothing can be fixed before the public sees it. What is in Kasurinen’s hands is what will be in ours on August 27. Day-one patches are popular practices in the industry, but reviews come before then. Again, scary.

As the director highlights in his Tweet, the game began its development process three years ago before the release of their most recent title, Quantum Break. Remedy was given €7.75 million (roughly USD $8.63 million) by 505 Games to develop a game with the main focus of replayability and strange world events.

The game was revealed over a year ago at Sony’s E3 2018 press conference. Since then, we’ve received trickles of information regarding gameplay and development. It has since been announced that the PC version of the game would release exclusively on the Epic Games Store for a whole year before reaching Steam. Doing this put the company amongst the company of 2K with Borderlands 3, Deep Silver with Metro: Exodus, and a growing number of companies and games that are taking advantage of Epic Games offering a larger cut of revenue to developers.

Now here we are. With roughly a month left to go, pre-orders should be picking up and units should be shipped in the next few weeks to Amazon, Gamestop, and wherever else people buy games anymore. The game will cost $59.99 and will arrive on August 27.

from sickcritic