Ah, the holiday season! We are now less than a week away from Christmas, and young and old alike are looking forward to this day. It’s hard to avoid it, and if you are allergic to Christmas trees, snow and Christmas carols, bad news for you because the festive spirit extends to video games. We were talking to you yesterday about the Fortnite event but today it’s Red Dead Redemption II‘s turn.

Many activities and awards of all kinds await you in the Wild West. The event mainly affects the multiplayer mode of the game, Red Dead Online. The first thing you will notice in the game is the weather. The world is covered with snow and it is adorned with winter decorations. During your travels, you can also meet musicians who will sing festive songs. Until January 6 you will also be able to take part in different Showdown Modes like Spoils of War, Up in Smoke, and Overrun, while PlayStation 4 players have access to variations of Gun Rush, Make it Count and Last Stand.

The spirit of Christmas comes to Red Dead Online

On top of that, all players who log into Red Dead Online between December 23 and 25 will receive a chest full of various rewards, and you can also get shotguns and coats for half the usual price during these two days.

But that is not all! Since December 13, and until January 6, you can receive all the following coupons simply by logging into the game and checking the Benefits section:

 3,000 Club XP
RDO$200 for starting a new Role
1x Free Trader Resupply Reward
1x Free Weapon Component of your choice Reward
1x Treasure Map Reward
1x Free Moonshiner Mash Refill Reward
30% off one Stable slot Offer

A host of bonuses and discounts are also available in-game right now so don’t hang around.

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