Rainbow Six Siege’s Danish operator, Nøkk, has been confirmed for next season.

In our previous post about Rainbow Six Siege, we talked about how Ubisoft will be dropping new trailers in the coming days and certainly, Ubisoft has not disappointed us. They have just released a new trailer showcasing the Danish Jægerkorpset Operator Nøkk and her unique abilities.

Nøkk is joining the ranks this 19th

In the most recent trailer for Rainbow Six Siege, you can identify Nøkk as the attacker as she cuts through an underground location. The video glitches out and outlines a person. Nøkk is seemingly using some form of cloaking technology that makes her invisible. She completely disappears when remaining motionless. The trailer video ends closing up on her hood, but her face never shows.

Check out the trailer below:

Ubisoft revealed more information about Nøkk in a blog post, along with the announcement that the Operation Phantom Sight will have a full reveal on May 19th during the Pro League Finals in Milan. The post also says that Nøkk’s gadget is but a fragment of her real abilities, she is like a ghost and enemies will be left looking over their shoulders not knowing what hit them.

This ability of hers is useful in special operations such as infiltration or intel gathering and ultimately defeating the opponents. As a member of the Jægerkorpset, she is an enigmatic character who will instill fear into anyone who stands in her way. Despite her strong character, she is loyal to the core and leads the pack by example. Her fellow Operators have warmly welcomed her, and the scandals surrounding her existence doesn’t seem to matter – what matters here is where her loyalty lies. Nøkk will be joining the Attacking team in Operation Phantom Sight.

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