Rage 2 Projects Guide
Projects play a vital role in Rage 2 as both character and story progression. This Rage 2 Projects Guide explains the basics of the Projects system in the game alongside some information on the Organization level of each of the allies you encounter during the main story.

Before you are able to do anything with Project Points, you need to progress through the story. Once you have met Marshall, Loosum and Kvasir, and completed their initial introductory quests, you can begin interacting with the Projects system. Project Points are earned through completing nearly any objective in the Wildlands.

Rage 2 Projects Guide

As you earn Project Points you can choose where to spend them. It doesn’t matter, in regards to progression, so invest the points in the area that best benefits your style of play. Each ally has an Organization level. This is tied to the specific types of activities you complete. For example, finding all the Ark sites will give you a huge boost in reputation with Kvasir. You need to raise each allies Organization level through to level 5 at a certain point in the story.

The Projects themselves are typically passive buffs. Some increase your weapons ammo count while others lets you steal cards and add them to your garage. Explore each tree carefully and choose the options that best suits you.

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