Last month we learned that Radiant One (Free), the trippy adventure game from developer Fntastic that released in August of last year, would be receiving new episodes every month, and a playable teaser for the newest episode titled The Secret went live inside the game. This week that episode has finally launched in full and is now available inside the Radiant One app. The Secret has you playing as a woman named Rachel who wakes up in a creepy old mansion and finds herself being followed around by a dark cloud of anxiety. Like, literally a dark cloud follows her and grows as her anxiety grows. And I don’t know if you’ve ever found yourself waking up trapped inside a creepy mansion, but that’s what I would consider a “high anxiety” situation. Your job will be to help Rachel escape the mansion by exploring and solving puzzles, and along the way “learn a great secret that will change her life forever.”

As we detailed in our previous story, new episodes are planned to release each month in Radiant One, and while originally you’d need to subscribe to a $2.99 a month subscription plan to access them, Fntastic has actually added some additional payment options into the game. Those who owned Radiant One before its switch to free to play will have access to the original episode The Awakening just as they always have, and as a bonus you’ll receive The Secret for free too. If you’re new to Radiant One, both episodes have playable teasers and you can buy the full episodes outright for $5.99 each, and there’s also a limited time special bundle offer that will get you both episodes for just $4.99. And of course you can still subscribe for $2.99 a month if you want. Whatever route you take Radiant One is well worth your attention and we enjoyed the original episode a lot in our review from last year. I’m excited to dig into The Secret and will be looking forward to next month’s episode as well.

from TouchArcade