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Are you trying to scratch that dungeon-crawling, RPG itch? Already played through Diablo, Titan Quest, Torchlight, and the Sacred series? Then Quest Hunter is the game you’re looking for! Quest Hunter is an action-adventure, loot-based questing RPG made by Two Zombie Games. When the player starts their journey in Quest Hunter, the player is met with three choices in difficulty. For this review, I went with the normal option. I was able to get the full co-op experience with four friends when we started our quest into the unknown on the Nintendo Switch and Steam versions of the game.

The General Story


Quest Hunter is “ruled by its own laws.” It’s a dark and dangerous escapade through the dark world. It’s fierce and no man, women, or child is safe. Fire is hard to find but is a priceless ally once obtained. Banish the darkness, bring light to the world, and drive the monsters back to where they came from. The princess is waiting and the world is threatened. You are the only one who can perish the heinous foes and save humanity.

Starting the Game 


Starting off our journey in Quest Hunter, we are met with a strange character creation screen with limiting and odd character customization. First, you choose your hair, all of the choices are abysmal. There are eight hairstyles with five different color options. Then you decide which goggles you prefer. There are four sets of goggles with five colors for each. Next, your beard or facial accessory. It’s worth noting you can only pick one facial add on. For example, you can’t have both a long beard and a bandits scarf. Lastly, you are able to change your outfit. The more you change your outfit the darker your character skin gets. This is the way you can choose your race in the game. Sorry ladies, this game only allows for you to be a male. 

The first cutscene isn’t the best setup, the story has our hero piloting a blimp into a random story. He loses control of the airship and our hero crashes into a tree and falls into the unknown.

There are three difficulties in this game. The first is called Newbie With a Shovel. The enemies are extremely weak, bosses do not get their lives restored, and heroes keep there loot after dying. You can also change the difficulty any time during gameplay. The next is called Experienced Treasure Hunter (or normal). The enemies are stronger, bosses get their lives regenerated, loot gathered last time remains near your dead body, and you can change the difficulty whenever. The last mode is called Great Treasure Digger. Dealers will rip you off and then you lose all loot when you die, you can’t change the difficulty but your hero does start off with more experience. Oh, and by the way, this game is not drop in, drop out for local gameplay so to have friends join you player one will have to exit the game. Each player is saved individually, so if say, Player 2 was to start playing on their own, they can use their own character and still have their own storyline as well.

The Bad


The game starts off with our questing heroes shipwrecked and that is about it. In this strange world you dropped into, there is no sun and as a side effect, monsters appear and you have to try and stop them. As you progress through this so-called “story” the choices you make have a butterfly effect on further outcomes. This game should remind any player of Diablo. It has all the features of an action RPG — crafting, combat, skills, stats, loot, etc. — but they are all far too simplistic to differentiate it from other games or stand out at all. You eventually hit a wall, where you need to collect 1000 wood and 800 stone for a quest, which is a pretty huge grind and can take a while to complete. 

Graphically, the game is shrouded in mediocrity and the textures are similar to that of an old 3DS game. The game is cel-shaded, vivid, and bursting with color. The dark tone the world allows the colors to really burst and shine. Overall, the graphics aren’t too impressive but they get the job done. At the beginning of the game, the forest looks the same wherever you go. There was very little effort put into some of the animation and effects. For instance, in the very first opening cutscene, the boy is turning the wheel, but only the wheel and his fingers are moving, making it look terrible. 

The game’s music is kind of ignorable and the songs all use the flute, violin, various strings, and horns. Every song in the game repeats itself throughout the game while you are playing it. A lot of the songs seem to be essentially the same song but with several different variations. But it is worth noting that the dungeon music is very epic and gives the player a huge sense of adventure and of the danger ahead. The sound effects of the game are very classic. The sound of collecting things reminds me of a PS1 video game made by Squaresoft when you select something in the pause menu. The sound of hitting engines is kinda cheesy and is hard to take seriously. It is that classic punching impact sound you hear on Looney Toons or any cartoon for that matter.  

Attacking enemies in this game can be a challenge or just straight-up annoying sometimes. The hitboxes are occasionally way off and you have to be within hugging distance from the enemy to land a hit. And hunting for secrets will drive you mad. Destroy every tree, break every rock, dig up more holes than Team Rocket can handle, just to find a secret in the area is super tedious. Spells need work and seem like they were an afterthought.  Honestly only the lightning spell and the ice spell are the spells seeming to be of any help. Upgrading other spells is pretty pointless. Something odd I found is if you are at the campfire is that only Player 1 can heal to 100%. 

This all sounds bad now doesn’t it? Well, not everything is bad, there’s actually a whole lot of good. All of the negative feedback is just me nitpicking let’s go over why this game may be worth your time.

The Good


This game is great for anyone looking for a good co-op game, where it may be on the couch or online. This also has cross-platform with Switch and PC. Although the game is simplistic, traveling with friends and slaying beasts while looting and gathering materials is where the game shines most. The different armors you get completely make you forget that the character creation leaves much to be desired and the weapons you are able to obtain are all equally great. From swords to axes and magic to hammers, the game has you covered in the weapon choices you can choose from in your journey. Your character can learn up to nine skills each one squared at certain level requirements. As you go through the game, you are able to find tons of hidden treasures and secrets. You can solve puzzles all while leveling up your character with special skills and stat boosts. At level two, you get a move called “protection aura” in which you can summon a bubble that cuts all damage received by 32%. After hitting level five, it will be a little bit before you can get a new attack. The next one attained is at level 11. Another cool thing about this game is that the characters for multiplayer are all saved separately in the game. If another player wanted to solo the game at any point, you can still pick up and play where you left off without interrupting the multiplayer session you had with friends.

Sometimes, you are getting overrun by monsters and if you find a torch, it acts as a safe zone. Also, torches are a way to save the game. Monsters are scared of fire so they keep their distance. Each zone or level you enter has a set amount of secret treaters you can collect. The map on the game is satisfyingly large, with lots of hidden areas to find. In new areas, the map only shows you where you have been, so make sure to explore a lot to find hidden treasures. This game is fantastic for the Nintendo Switch tabletop mode. The downside is that everyone has to use two full joy-cons to play the game, so single joy-con use is not compatible.

The good thing about this game is that it’s not going to take hundreds of hours to complete. This makes for a great pick-up-and-play, whether you are at home or on the go. Another cool thing about this game is that it has procedurally generated dungeons, which are marked on the map with a dice symbol. That way, a player can easily distinguish them apart from other missions and quests. This means no worrying about being stuck on a puzzle as if you were playing one of Bandi Namco’s Tales series or an Uncharted game. The puzzles in this game are not difficult at all but you do have to do a little bit of thinking. It is easy to get lost, playing this game for hours. Personally, I would not recommend this game for anyone looking to play alone. This game just works better with multiplayer and was clearly made for it. The base building in this game is neat. Every character you meet expands the player’s possibilities. There are NPCs that can help you build houses and other things for your base. After hitting level five, you are able to take on the clash on the graveyard mission where you deal with skeletons and fight in a graveyard. This game is very accessible for all players no matter what skill level.

Final Thoughts


Although I did point out a lot of bad, I found myself enjoying this game a lot. After playing with my friends, we put in an easy 13 hours just in the first two days. It took us about 16 to complete the game and I’ve got to say we are going to go through this game again. We will be doing some live streams of this game so everyone that is interested can take a look at how it plays in real-time and if you end up buying the game, viewers can enjoy it with us here at Sick Critic. I look forward to this game getting some DLC expansions in the future. So far there isn’t any word on whether or not there will be DLC, but we will keep you guys posted. 

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