Trying to advance in its struggle against other titles like Fortnite in a genre that is already packed with maybe too many games to choose from, PUBG developers have released the first flying vehicle in the game. The initiative comes from PUBG Labs, a section of the game that explores different experimental settings, features, and modes within the live client, allowing all players to try them for free.

The motor glider will allow players to soar through the sky at full speed. It has enough room for two occupants. The passenger can wield and shoot any weapon he carries while flying, so the motor glider can be both a useful way of traversing the map without having to worry about opponents on the ground and an impending threat to all of them. From now on, PUBG players might find themselves looking up into the sky more often than not, just in case. Keep in mind that there can be more than one motor glider in a match so don’t relax too much while you are flying. You won’t have to worry about being blown to pieces in the air tho, because only the engine of the motor glider can be destroyed, so you will always have a chance of landing.

PUBG – Motor Glider

Players that want to give it a try just have to queue up for Erangel and Miramar in PUBG Labs, and find the motor glider in the game, since it is a world spawn. The test will be open for a limited time, and you will only have access to the glider through the weekend. If the feedback received from the players is positive, it is quite likely that PUBG Corp. ends permanently adding it to the game in the future.

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