Pokemon Sword And Shield Water Gym Puzzle Guide
When you reach the water gym in Pokemon Sword and Shield, you will be confronted with a puzzle. Check out this Pokemon Sword and Shield Water Gym puzzle guide to complete it quickly. This way you can go and get your second badge.

Pokemon Sword And Shield Water Gym Puzzle Guide

You only have one option at first, go for the red switch and fight the trainer there. When you beat the trainer, hit the red switch and then go hit the yellow switch. From there, hit the red switch again and head up the side area to the next set of switches and trainers. Take out the next trainer so you have access to the yellow switch. Hit the yellow switch, then go down and around to hit the red switch. Now go up and to the left side of the area, facing the trainer on the other side. Now head down the stairs and hit the yellow switch at the bottom of the left side. Head back up and hit the red switch, then the blue switch, then stake the stairs to the center of the area. Follow the path up and you will face of with Nessa.

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