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Sony recently presented yet another State of Play presentation, which was the longest episode yet at over 40 minutes. The presentation focused mainly on third-party and indie PS4 games, with a few surprises sprinkled in. Unfortunately, Sony did not have any big updates regarding the PlayStation 5’s pricing and release, so if you’re mainly interested in that, you’ll have to wait a bit longer. Sony showed plenty of gameplay and updates to some highly-anticipated games, so strap yourself in as we recap everything they had in store.

Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time – Deep Dive Trailer

Toys for Bob had much to share about Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time, which is scheduled to release October 2nd on PlayStation 4. The game takes place directly after Crash Bandicoot: Warped. The evil villains Dr. Neo Cortex and Dr. N. Tropy finally escape their interdimensional prison from the third game and devise a plot to not only conquer the world in one dimension, but all of them. The titular orange marsupial Crash Bandicoot and his sister Coco Bandicoot must stop the duo and save the world once again. Toys for Bob promptly goes into a deep dive on what this wholly original adventure has in store for players; detailing the diversity of worlds, gameplay-altering masks, and mind-bending extra modes. Players can customize the playable characters’ appearance through a large quantity of costumes, all acquirable via gameplay with no microtransactions. Not only can players play as Crash and Coco, but they can also assume the role of Cortex and, for the first time in the main series, Dingodile. There is also a special new mode called N. Verted Mode, which behaves like a mirror mode but offers much more, including radically different artstyles and new challenges for each level.

Hitman 3 – VR Mode Reveal Trailer

IOI Interactive’s Hitman 3 has an exciting new addition: a fully playable VR Mode, which puts the players directly in the shoes of Agent 47. This first-person mode will allow players to carry out assassinations and complete missions in every location in the Hitman trilogy. The best part: it comes with the game day one. Players can also import locations from previous games if they own them, so loyal Hitman fans can access over 20 locations in immersive VR. Hitman 3 launches in January 2021 on PS5 and PS4.

Braid: Anniversary Edition Reveal Trailer

Acclaimed indie darling Braid will finally receive a remastered version next year on PS4. The remaster boasts high-fidelity artwork and fully remastered environments, doing away with the blurry vaseline nature of the original 2008 classic. The remaster will feature a robust developer commentary, which will provide players insight in how the world of Braid was created. The spritework has also been improved, eliminating the 16-bit artstyle from the original. The remaster is slated to release in early 2021.

The Pathless Gameplay Trailer


From the developers that brought us ABZU, The Pathless is an open-world puzzle-platforming adventure game that puts an emphasis on exploration and rhythmic gameplay. The player assumes the role of the Hunter, a lone traveler in a world devoid of light, who must destroy the dark, evil spirits the corrupted the abandoned land. With her trusty eagle, the Hunter seeks out these spirits and confronts them head on, and in so doing restores light to the darkened world. Unlike most open-world games, The Pathless lacks a map and traditional waypoint system, forcing the player to use their environmental instincts and Spirit Vision to guide them to their next destination and discover secrets along the way. The Pathless is set to release this holiday season, possibly a launch title for the PS5.

Spelunky 2 – Release Date Trailer

The sequel to the beloved indie classic Spelunky finally has a release date, and it’s very soon: September 15th, a mere month away. Fans will find a lot to enjoy with this game due to the plethora of hidden secrets and surprises Derek Yu hid throughout the game. Newcomers will also enjoy the ceaseless nature of the roguelike maps and find something new for each run.

Genshin Impact Gameplay Trailer

Shockingly, Sony managed to negotiate with Nintendo to make a PS4 port for Breath of the Wi— oh wait, it’s an original game? Joking aside, Genshin Impact is an open-world hack-and-slash action-adventure game that may look similar to a particular Nintendo game in some scenes, but offers a wholly unique experience. It’s a free-to-play game, so some microtransactions may appear at launch.

Aeon Must Die Reveal Trailer

This beautifully animated hack-and-slash indie game published by Focus Home Interactive showcases how incredible talent can be exploited in the games industry. Sadly, the development team who produced this impressive game allegedly left the project in protest over their mistreatment and the publisher has taken the IP without the team’s consent. The story is developing, but those familiar with the project have unsavory things to say about the management and working conditions in the making of this title. Aeon Must Die is slated for release in 2021, regardless of what the original developers have to say about it.

Anno Mutationem Reveal Trailer

Another beautiful indie game that, fortunately, doesn’t have such a troublesome development. This 3D pixel art action-adventure game was developed by a Chinese indie team and funded by Sony’s China Hero Project. It takes place in a cyberpunk world with a dark and disturbing narrative. The gameplay features some RPG elements and perhaps includes some Metroidvania aspects as well, given the game’s focus on exploration and action. Anno Mutationem is scheduled to release this December for the PS5.

Vader Immortal Release Date Trailer

The successful PC VR game is heading to PSVR this August. Wield Darth Vader’s iconic lightsaber and decimate foes that stand in your way in this immersive thrill ride. PSVR users can finally experience what PC players enjoyed for a full year. Vader Immortal comes with all episodes in the series, giving it more value for PSVR players, and arrives August 25th.

Control Expansion 2 AWE Reveal Trailer

Alan Wake featured in a PlayStation event should have made this the closing game, but there’s still plenty left. The final Control expansion brings both Remedy worlds together, making a potentially epic final chapter for the lauded title. This expansion boasts new departments, new enemies, and a new story that fleshes out the lore for both elusive Remedy universes. The AWE expansion will release on August 27th.

Auto Chess Reveal Trailer

This competitive strategy game adds an intriguing spin to the classic board game Chess. Auto Chess is a free-to-play PC game heading over to PS4 this Halloween. I can feel the hype oozing already.

The Pedestrian Reveal Trailer

Another PC game heads over to PS4 early next year. You play as a stick figure confined to public signage and must traverse through each level by connecting adjacent signs. The environments can range from office spaces to urban intersections. PS4 players can enjoy this creative puzzle platformer on January 2021.

Hood: Outlaws and Legends Reveal Trailer

This 4v4 PvPvE heist game that combines a variety of gameplay mechanics to create a thrilling yet challenging multiplayer experience. Based in the world of the Robin Hood legend, players assume different roles as they work together in teams to collect the treasure and escape the guards unscathed. Reading into it further actually makes this game sound more intriguing, so I encourage you to take a gander at the PlayStation Blog article which details the concepts the dev team are putting together. Hood: Outlaws and Legends will arrive on both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 next year.

Temtem PS5 Announce Trailer

The Pokemon game Pokemon fans wanted the Pokemon Company to make. Pokemon. Temtem is an early access PC game developed by Spain studio Crema. Those who played it have lauded it and claim it’s one of the best Pokemon games ever made. It will arrive on PlayStation in 2021.

Godfall Gameplay Deep Dive Trailer

Godfall was the first PS5 game the world knew about, so it makes sense for Sony to conclude the State of Play with a near ten-minute showcase of the combat, presented as though it is a tutorial sequence rather than a demonstration. Gamers were none too pleased with the prolonged Godfall test drive concluding the 40-minute State of Play, but there is some potential for it. For one, the game has no microtransactions and will not be treated like a game-as-a-service. Instead, the folks over at Counterplay Games will release the full game with no additional content patched in later. The game director describes the gameplay well in this deep dive, so I suggest you watch it if you’re interested in the game.

That’s everything Sony had to show us for the State of Play. It wasn’t much, but there was something for every taste in that episode. I expect there will be a PS5-dedicated event later in the month, but anything could change in Sony’s plans given the ongoing pandemic. What do you think about this State of Play? Did anything excite you? Did anything bore you? Let us know in the comments below and stay tuned for more news and updates from Sick Critic!

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