Copa Libertadores is one of the most important competitions in South America and according to Electronic Arts, it will be exclusive of FIFA 20. The annual international football competition was organized by the CONMEBOL in 1960 for the first time and since then it has become a very prestigious tournament where the best clubs in South America compete for the most sought-after trophy in the continent.

Copa Libertadores will be included in FIFA 20 as part of a free update that’s coming in March 2020. But the tournament itself is just a small part of what will be added to the game next spring, and we will see the arrival of plenty of new South American clubs, including such as River Plate, Boca Juniors, Flamengo, Corinthians, Racing, Independiente U. Católica, and Colo-Colo. If you want to experience the thrill of the South American football competitions, you have to know that both CONMEBOL Sudamericana and CONMEBOL Recopa will be part of the free update too.

The update will be available to all players on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, but Electronic Arts has specified nothing about Nintendo Switch, so we don’t know if the Copa Libertadores will be playable on Nintendo’s console or not. In a similar way, nothing has been said about Boca Juniors’ license. As you know if you play FIFA 20 right now, the license of the club is actually held by Pro Evolution Soccer, and it’s represented in FIFA 20 as Buenos Aires. The announcement implies that the Argentinian club may be coming back to FIFA but it’s something that EA has to confirm yet.

Copa Libertadores

As you can imagine, all of the new licensed teams will be playable on all FIFA 20 modes, including Ultimate Team, Career Mode, and Kick-Off, not only in the new tournaments. It’s not that EA gives up in the license war with Konami, but they seem to be looking for more exclusive content for FIFA 20 and if that means that they shift their attention away from Europe and include more teams and competitions from all over the world, their decision is more than welcome from the players’ side.

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