People's Choice Xiangling Genshin Impact Guide
Curious about the People’s Choice event to unlock Xiangling? This People’s Choice Xiangling Genshin Impact Guide explains the event including details on how you complete Floor 3, Chamber 3, which is the requirement to unlock Xiangling as a playable character in Genshin Impact.

The People’s Choice event in Genshin Impact is a limited time event, so it pays to try and finish it as quickly as possible so you can unlock Xiangling before the next events cycle into the mix. Open the main menu and check the Events tab. The current events are Seize the Day, People’s Choice, and Test Run. The People’s Choice event is the focus of our efforts here today as we want to unlock Xiangling.

People’s Choice Xiangling Genshin Impact Guide

complete Floor 3, Chamber 3
There are two main requirements that you must meet before you’re able to progress. Firstly, you need to increase Adventure Rank to 20. Unfortunately there’s no easy, quick-fix method to reaching that objective. It’s likely to take you 10-20 hours depending on play style and your approach to the different content available.

Once you have Adventure Rank 20 you can then unlock The Abyss. This is a special dungeon on Musk Reef. We’ve got a guide on how to get to Musk Reef if you want spoilers for the nearby mini puzzle. Once you have AV 20 and you can reach the island, the real challenge begins.

The Abyss is a dungeon of floor after floor of increasingly difficult enemies. You are given better rewards for clearing each floor quickly. It’s the perfect content for multiplayer so if you’ve got a friend or a few friends looking for some co-op action, this is the content for you.

To complete the People’s Choice event and unlock Xiangling, you need to complete Floor 3, Chamber 3. This involves fighting enemies as high as level 45. I did attempt a run at level 30 and got to Floor 3, Chamber 2, but it starts to get really challenging at that stage and level. I would suggest going in at level 40 for a much easier experience. This is not an easy feat so be prepared to fail a few times.

Most of the areas within the Abyss have ledges. Every melee character has a knock back attack by holding the attack button. Use this to knock some of the tougher enemies off the edge can greatly increase your speed during the runs. You cannot heal during a run but if you fail, as long as you don’t Abandon the Challenge, you can leave and try again. However, the state at which you enter the floor is saved.

So if you enter Floor 3, Chamber 2 at 10% HP, all of your characters will start that floor at the same HP when you attempt to resume the challenge. It’s the same for levels and gear, they cannot be improved unless you restart the run. However, if you abandon a run, you can start at a higher floor on your next attempt.

This dungeon is also a fantastic place to farm Primogems.

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