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Apex Legends on a roll with 25 million players in a week

Yahoo! Finance recently reported that Apex Legends is an early hit for Electronic Arts Incorporated. This doesn’t come as a surprise when they hit 10 million players in the first three days of the launch, and now 25 million players in just a week and a peak of over 2 million of concurrent users. This number may as well put Apex in the league of Fornite’s – but that’s just too early to tell.

Apex Legends hits 25 million players ina week

Apex Legends is a free to play battle royale game developed by Respawn. In the announcement made by Vince Zampella (Respawn Entertainment) in EA’s blog, he said that the game is doing more than great. In the same post, he also announced upcoming events for Apex Legends. One of those is the one that Twitch is sponsoring, called Twitch Rivals Challenge. It is an event that will pit 48 of the biggest streamers together to compete against each other for $200.000 in prizes. This event will be held today and again on February 19.

Aside from that, Apex Legends will also have a Valentine’s Day event where the player gets Valentine’s themed loot. Last on the list is the Apex Legends Battle Pass that will premiere on March. There will be new characters, new legends, loot, weapons, and many more.

Why the buzz?

Apex Legends is doing remarkably well and the buzz isn’t dying anytime soon. So why? The magic is probably due to their accessibility settings. Polygon’s Cass Marshall wrote about the shockingly good settings of Apex and specifically the audio section of the menu and its varied options. Apex went beyond and took extra measures to accommodate players who may have difficulties in hearing, speech, and sight. For more of these options, give Marshall’s opinion a go.

Below there is a recap/review of Apex Legend. See for yourself!

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Civilization VI: Gathering Storm, bad weather incoming

With Civilization VI: Gathering Storm being released in a couple of days, we wanted to explain all the fans of the strategy the reasons to be excited about the launch of this new DLC. This expansion for Civilization VI puts an emphasis on climate change as its main theme. Now not only will you have to battle it out against eight new civilizations and nine new leaders, but you will have to contend with Mother Nature too.

With Gathering Storm, the usual “finding a spot to settle on” dilemma will become more difficult as some civilizations like the Maori will start at the sea, gaining bonuses every turn they do not settle down. You will also be able to take advantage of the Phoenicians ability that lets them move their capital to another city with their unique building. Those tactical opportunities will definitely make for a much more interesting game.

Gathering Storm – Volcano eruption

Now building on a flood plain or a volcano puts you into risks of natural disasters, but it also does have advantages and you can always try to work your strategy around those. Disasters are random and they will strike anytime. They are not like an aggressive civilization that you can keep content or erase from history. At least from modern age onward, you can construct buildings and projects that can mitigate the problems caused by climate change.

Considering that resources like coal and oil will produce CO2 and accelerate the climate change, taking time to change to a new energy source will be worth the time and the effort it takes to switch all your cities and units to clean energy.

Gathering Storm – Example of a city

Regarding politics, the World Congress will be able to create an emergency event were you force other civilizations to send emergency help. These events are similar to other emergencies, and each civilization will try to outdo others to earn points. Also, the new diplomacy system allows the use of favor as a currency, just like gold or promises. Competing in international events, helping in emergencies and gaining allies will speed up the process to gain diplomatic favor. Once you have enough, you can use it in World Congress meetings to push your own global agenda. This also has become a new viable strategy to achieve a diplomatic victory and it makes the game much more fun.

Overall, Gathering Storm is a great expansion for Civilization VI. It brings new mechanics that will spice up your gameplay with a lot of strategic options, but also new content like new scenarios, civilizations, seven new world wonders, seven natural wonders, 18 new units, 15 new improvements, 9 new buildings, 5 new districts, 2 new city sets, 9 new techs and 10 new civics.

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Necessary Cybersecurity Requirements in 2019

Over the years, cybercrime is a fast-paced world where the bad actors constantly network, research and test out new tactics to increase the scale of attack. With cyber attacks becoming more complex and regularly exposing the new vulnerabilities, many CSos and COs around the globe are spending billions of dollars preparing themselves for the worst. Heres a few shifts you should keep an eye on.

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‘Dragalia Lost’ Version 1.4.5 Is Now Available on iOS and Android with Preparations for Void Battles, Valentine’s Confections, and More

Since Nintendo finally announced plans to bring Dragalia Lost (Free) to more regions, there will no doubt be people who haven’t played it using a US iTunes account who want to get into it. Thankfully, the team has made some things a lot better for new players and is working at making the game even better. There is also a steady flow of free gifts like a new Tenfold Summon Voucher that will be given to commemorate the new update that is now live on the App Store and Google Play.

Dragalia Lost 1.4.5 adds support for the Valentine’s Confections event that will go live tomorrow and also more preparations for the Void Battles. Details about this will be revealed tomorrow. Elemental ruin quests can now be challenged at any time for Beginner and Standard quests. For Expert Quests, the quest you can challenge will change based on the day of the week. This change will be implemented tomorrow. The update also has various fixes like notification screen display issues being addressed, Debuff effects for adventurers not being applied correctly, AI fixes for healing when HP is full on Auto, and more.

Dragalia Lost is free to play on iOS and Android Read our review of it here. Nintendo has announced plans to expand the availability of both Dragalia Lost and Fire Emblem Heroes. What do you think of the pace of new content being added to Dragalia Lost so far?

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HackyZack Review — A Footbag Life

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There’s something to be said for the unassuming charm of a slightly obtuse puzzle platformer, where traversal can be slowed to a crawl and each and every move takes consideration. Perhaps we take progression for granted in the typical platformer, where often a test of reflexes prevails over anything else. When the knowledge of how we traverse forward is removed from the fold and the player is instead forced to define it, you get an experience that compels cerebrally rather than through obligatory bells and whistles.


HackyZack is a puzzle platformer that could be roughly broken down into two cups of the former and one of the latter. Holding true to the titular pun, your character is a mere peripheral to the feats of flight each level relies on. Whatever projectile rests at your feet at the start of the level must be volleyed to the finish line, obstacles be damned. It sounds simple, and at its core, it is. I was immediately reminded of the supplementary snail shell punting in the Fancy Pants Adventure titles and there’s an inherent limit to the game’s scope that aligns it with the ethos of Flash engine puzzlers. Nonetheless, this is hardly to the game’s detriment as it allows puzzle design alone to be the title’s focus, and leaves minimal room for padding to get in the way.


HackyZack’s arrangement is no more impenetrable than a puzzle book, each brain-tweezer stands alone and occupies a single fixed-screen. Nonetheless, it distinguishes itself and poses a persistent challenge to players by orienting gameplay around a constant juggling act. Players must account for both the projectile’s trajectory and their own 24/7. If either darts off-screen the level must be repeated. This is introduced through a few softball levels in the first world but quickly proves uniquely demanding.

Hacky sack becomes one-man soccer with an American Gladiator twist quickly

Controlling the ball’s kickoff trajectory with the same analog stick as your player’s movement can result in some minor frustration, but nuance between player movement and projectile aim can quickly be understood. Additionally, levels only run about thirty-seconds apiece once you’ve figured them out, making the inevitable need to repeat them an easy pill to swallow. The difficulty curve can be a bit all over the place, but each piece of the puzzle is fully-defined in its purpose, never making a sequence misleading or unfair. The game is also a bit generous with level unlocks rarely restricting players to a single puzzle that requires immediate completion.


Each of the six worlds introduces a new gameplay mechanic and applies it to stages of varying difficulty that nonetheless gradually complicate matters. My favorite was World 3, the “Self-Destruction” level set that positions layers of Arkanoid style bricks ahead of your projectile’s destination. This is a double-edged sword by design, as the same projectile can do you in by knocking platforms out from under you.


The panicked multitasking that ensues level-to-level is subject to minimal diminishing returns. Different types of projectiles and even multiple projectiles at once are introduced additionally and pose unique threats to players. I never quite hit a wall in my playthrough, but levels are always clever and will gladly outpace player reflexes. …

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