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SwitchArcade Round-Up: ‘ToeJam & Earl: Back in the Groove’ Review, ‘Friday the 13th: The Game’ Coming This Spring, ‘Beat Cop’ and Other New Releases, Today’s Sales, and More

Hello gentle readers, and welcome to the SwitchArcade Round-Up for March 5th, 2019. In today’s article, we’ve got a review of the latest ToeJam & Earl game, some news on a couple of interesting ports, summaries of today’s many new releases, a list of sales information, and more. This week is going to be a little quieter for new releases than the last… several, but I’m sure like today we’ll find plenty to talk about anyway. Let’s get into it!


‘Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization Deluxe Edition’ Launches May 24th in the West

With the PlayStation Vita more or less officially dead, there has to be a new home for portable versions of B-tier RPGs, and the Switch is it. While I’m personally not a huge fan of the Sword Art Online games, they do have a following. Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization already came out a few years ago on PlayStation 4 and Vita, and saw a re-release on Windows a couple of years back. This latest Deluxe Edition version includes all of the DLC and added content, and you’ll be able to pick it up on May 24th in both North America and Europe.

‘Friday the 13th: The Game’ Hits Switch This Spring

But you know, maybe cute girl warriors with heaving bosoms aren’t your thing. Maybe you prefer a stocky zombie with a goalie mask on his face, a machete in his hand, and murderous intent in his heart. Don’t worry, you’re covered, my unusual friend. Friday the 13th: The Game will be coming to Switch this spring in a special edition that includes all of the DLC and extra content. Hunt your friends! Be hunted by your friend! So many possibilities! Just be careful about engaging in pre-marital sex. I hear Jason hates pre-marital sex.


ToeJam & Earl: Back in the Groove ($19.99)

I think to be a ToeJam & Earl fan, you have to be a fan of the characters first and foremost. Not just because they’re the most charming aspect of a surprisingly disarming series of games, but mostly because said games have varied so much from installment to installment that the characters really are the only consistency. Well, that, and plain weirdness. ToeJam & Earl: Back in the Groove finally breaks that pattern, going back to the gameplay mechanics and overall set-up of the cherished original. It’s a wise move that pays off quite nicely.

ToeJam, Earl, Latisha, and Lewanda are cruising through the galaxy in their friend’s borrowed ship. Big Earl accidentally sucks the Earth, the ship, and the crew into a black hole after hitting the ship’s Black Hole Generator. It’s all regurgitated as a bunch of flat planes filled with various stuff and people from Earth, and the only way the gang can escape is by collecting all ten parts of the ship so that they can fly out of there. Each level may or may not contain a ship part, but at the very least you can look forward to a lot of good and bad things as you scour the surfaces. Wacky nasty Earthlings, wacky helpful Earthlings, presents with mysterious contents, elevators that chew you up and drag you down a level, elevators that blast off …

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Black Desert Online – now out on Xbox One!

Good news for Xbox One users! You now have a new game to get your hands on with the popular Black Desert Online. The MMORPG title just officially launched on Xbox One platform today and people can’t stop raving about how awesome the visuals and how epic the combat scenes are.

Pearl Abyss’ Black Desert Online launched today

Black Desert Online was created by Pearl Abyss, a studio that’s based in South Korea. It’s an online fantasy adventure and a massively multiplayer game that can have 100,000 players at any one time. It was released after two beta tests where more than 300,000 players gathered to experience it first-hand. It finally came out in four editions: Base game, Standard, Deluxe, and the Ultimate Edition.

As for the price, the Base game sells for $9.99 and includes only the access to the game without any additions. The Standard edition is priced at $29.99 and comes with a Snow Wolfdog pet, a 30-day value pack with increased inventory and storage slots, and a 30% boost. The Deluxe edition costs $49.99 and includes everything in the Standard edition and other bonuses. However, if you decide to add $20 to that, you will get a Tier 3 horse and the complete Calpheon Charger’s Horse Gear Set. Not bad for twenty bucks, I should say. The last one, the Ultimate edition costs $99.99 and has everything from the Deluxe edition plus the following:

  • Belle Epoque Wagon Set
  • Kalstein Outfit
  • Junaid Cat Pet
  • Permanent Horse Flute
  • 30 tree – type XP scrolls
  • Storage maid


Additional updates will be released mid-summer this year

Some of the features of the game include a worldwide weather system that has large-scale events like typhoons and others that can affect and influence the gameplay. Temporary fog can help players launch surprise attacks to opposing players and rival guild structures. There’s also a unique day/night cycle shown by the gradual progression of lighting effects. There are game contents that are only available at a specific time of the day. Players get to engage in mounted combat, and they can get a special mount by mating certain types/breed. They will have to feed and care for their mounts and store them properly because monsters can attack and kill them if left unattended.

Pearl Abyss intends to release new contents for Black Desert Online by mid-summer 2019, but it will be some time until the Xbox One version catches up with the PC one, if it ever does it. If you are looking for a nice MMORPG to play on your console Black Desert Online fills the role perfectly, but unless you want to start from scratch again for some reason, I would recommend to players with previous experience on the game to consider if they are willing to go back to BDO like it was three years ago on PC.

Remember that you can visit our blog for more news about videogames and you can also check out our comparator if you want to find the best prices for your favorite games.

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Could ‘Rolando 3’ Be Coming Soon? HandCircus Is Teasing a Follow-Up to the Early App Store Classic

I love the Rolando series. Like a deep, passionate and, in recent years, sadly unrequited love. The first entry in the series from the magicians at ngmoco and HandCircus, which launched all the way back in 2008, was the showcase title that sold so many gamers and casual device users alike of the potential of the App Store. With perfect use of the iPhone’s then-revolutionary touch screen and pyrometer, combined with an incredibly clean LocoRoco-esque graphical style and superb level design, Rolando was a glowing example of how iOS gaming should have been the future. The key word, sadly, being should. Despite at excellent sequel being released in 2009, that was the last we ever heard of the series, as the original titles sadly vanished with the ’32-bit Appocalypse’. However, the official HandCircus twitter account has today teased an image of the Rolando king, and has promised news on the series ‘in the coming days’. Ten years of impatient anticipation may be soon coming to an end!

I’ve tried to mention the Rolando series at almost every opportunity in the past, whether in relation to titles that have clearly taken influence on it, or the impact it had on me personally and how it started my long-term infatuation with mobile gaming. For example, I wrote a particularly long and drawn-out essay/rant about the state of the App Store back in 2017, and a large part of that was devoted to how Rolando serves as a huge nostalgic monument to my formative gaming years. I’m sure so many other long-time readers will have similar memories about the series, and it makes today’s teasers even more exciting.

Whether HandCircus are finally developing a Rolando 3 (contrary to our predictions all the way back in 2010), remastering the original two games or even releasing an entry that won’t even make it to the App Store, I’m so excited to see where the series goes next. Take a look at the reviews of the original Rolando and Rolando 2: Quest for the Golden Orchid to either reminisce or to get an idea of what the series was all about – and keep an eye on TouchArcade to be the first to hear of any further developments.

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EA admits Athem’s problems on PS4

Yesterday we informed you about the problems that Anthem was causing on PlayStation 4. Some users were claiming on Reddit that the game allegedly was causing serious crashes on their consoles, forcing a reset. The issues had not been confirmed through any official channels or anything, but it seems that this is one of those “rumor has it” moments. Yesterday night EA admitted that the problem is there, and they even opened a thread on their official technical forums to gather info from the users about the issues they are experiencing.

With the problems that happened during the beta events previous to the release of Anthem and the issues that it’s experiencing after that, Anthem’s first steps into the competitive videogame market are being quite shaky and that could have a serious impact in the future of one of the most anticipated games of 2019. Given the current state of the things, it´s not strange that some people are even considering a refund, not wanting to wait for the issues to get fixed.

Bugs are more fearsome than this monster

It´s kind of surprising and not uncommon that an AAA title launches with this kind of serious bug. It´s true that it can probably be fixed with a simple path, but the people at Bioware are making a disservice to themselves launching Anthem if it has not been tested enough for this kind of problems to surface during the development phase. We all know that there are schedules to meet, that publishers put a lot of pressures on the developers, and that money and time are always short, but in the end, delivering a game with this kind of problems can heavily affect its success. Players get annoyed and feel like they are paying to test an unfinished product, the game gets bad press, the developer gets bad press, the publisher gets bad press, and in a few years we could see the studio that created some of the best role-playing games in the history of videogames, like Baldur’s Gate or Mass Effect, has to close because of issues that may not even be directly under their control.

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Crime Scene Cleanup Game ‘Serial Cleaner’ Coming to iOS

Polish developer iFun4All, who you may remember from their mobile releases Red Game Without A Great Name ($1.99) and Green Game TimeSwapper ($1.99) from a few years ago, released Serial Cleaner on desktop and consoles back in July of 2017 with a Nintendo Switch port launching the following November. Serial Cleaner is a top-down 2D stealth game where you play as a “cleaner” who goes around cleaning up crime scenes for the mob. Disposing of bodies, cleaning up blood, and destroying evidence is your job but you’ll need to do it without being spotted by the cops. All of this is decked out in a really cool art style and a heavy ’70s vibe, and Serial Cleaner has received a ton of positive praise from its releases on other platforms. And now in partnership with East2West Games, iFun4All’s most popular game to date is heading to iOS. While there’s no mobile trailer just yet, the Nintendo Switch trailer should give you a good idea of what Serial Cleaner is all about.

We always joke on our podcast about how many games that are big hits on Steam make their way over to mobile and it gives us a chance to finally experience them. Not that we couldn’t play games on Steam, it’s just that we rarely do, and since we play games on mobile all day long it’s a lot more likely that that’s how we’ll experience any particular game. Sure that typically means we’re a year or two behind the times for lots of popular games, but I have a big enough backlog as it is so that’s not really a problem for me, you know? Anyway, Serial Cleaner is exactly one of those games that I’ve heard a lot of good things about but figured I’d never get around to playing it if it wasn’t on mobile. And now that it IS coming I can’t wait to see what all the fuss has been about. No release date has been specified but East2West says the iOS version of Serial Cleaner will be coming “soon” and we’ll be keeping an eye out for it.

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‘Letters & Sodas’ is a Tile-Sliding Puzzle Mixed with a Word Game, Coming March 28th

We’ve all played a tile-sliding puzzle before, right? I’m not talking about a mobile game, but those physical games that are a grid of different tiles with one blank spot, and it was your job to slide the tiles around to either form a complete image, or put numbers in order, or stuff like that. Here’s a gif from Wikipedia if you’re lost as to what I’m talking about. Anyway, I loved those puzzles when I was a kid, and we’ve even seen developers bring the experience to the digital world with various mobile games over the years. But Frosty Pop Corps. is doing one better and mixing the tile-sliding puzzler with a word game with their upcoming Letters & Sodas.

As you can see, your job is to slide the letters around the board and ultimately spell whatever four-letter word the game is asking you to. You’ll have the expected constraints of space on the game board, but since this is a digital game you also need to contend with more video gamey things like tiles that need to be unlocked, bombs, and even portals. There’s also a limited number of moves you can use for each word so you can’t just go sliding willy nilly until you get it right. Letters & Sodas will initially ship with 130 levels, but Frosty Pop is hoping to be able to update the game post-release and if it’s popular enough would like to add all 4,000-ish four-letter words in the English language. I always enjoy the stuff from Frosty Pop, and I love both sliding puzzles and word games, so I’m really looking forward to Letters & Sodas when it launches later this month.

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‘Skylanders: Ring of Heroes’ Guide: Combat Basics, Best Skylanders, And Powering Up Your Team

A Skylanders: Ring of Heroes guide could be your new best friend if Activision’s plan to bring the mega-popular franchise to the mobile space works in its favor. Skylanders: Ring of Heroes is a complicated game despite its humble beginnings, and anyone coming from the original platforming titles to this turn-based RPG should be prepared to read their opponent’s every move and react with a strategy in the blink of an eye.

In this Skylanders: Ring of Heroes guide, we’ll be talking shop to get you up to speed on combat basics, currency uses, and the best Skylanders to power up when you get started.

Skylanders: Ring of Heroes Summoning – Skylander Rarity And Rates

Skylanders Ring of Heroes summon rarity and rates

Drawing on the expansive world of the original Skylanders videogames and the books and cartoons that have come since, Skylanders: Ring of Heroes features well over 100 recognizable characters for players to take into battle. You won’t start off with all of these, though, and must instead rely on pure luck to obtain them through the “Summon” feature.

Summoning new Skylanders costs “Gems”. These can be earned in a variety of ways further down this guide, and can be spent in batches of 100, 800, and 1000 to summon a random amount of Soul Stones than can then be used to permanently summon the corresponding Skylander for use in your team. Skylanders range between 1* and 5* in rarity, with the higher the star count generally denoting their stronger potential in battle.

Like many other games, saving up for more expensive summons will usually guarantee a single powerful ally to add to your team, but just as it’s possible to get more than one this way, it’s possible to get one through single 100 Gem summons, too. Likewise, Summon Tickets earned through in-game events and special goals can take the place of gems in a summon attempt, so be on the lookout for these.

Be sure to tap the little dice icon on the top-right of the Summon page to view current Skylander summon rates during events.

Skylanders: Ring of Heroes Combat Basics – How To Fight At Your Best

Skylanders Ring of Heroes review

There isn’t much more to do in Skylanders: Ring of Heroes than fight other teams of enemies, and that focus on one particular gameplay element makes combat in this game more complicated than you might think.

Skylanders: Ring of Heroes uses a turn-based battle system with teams of up to 3 Skylanders doing battle against various creatures, villains, or, in PvP situations, other Skylanders. Each Skylander can bring up to 2 skills into battle, and tapping one for use deducts its corresponding mana cost from your constantly regenerating pool of 10 mana crystals. Skylanders will choose their targets automatically, but you can tap on a specific enemy to have your fighters focus their attacks.

Attacks in Skylanders: Ring of Heroes can vary wildly from powerful, single-target blows with a high mana cost, to softer attacks that linger over time and do additional damage automatically. Some Skylanders can focus on buffing the team with Damage, Crit, or Evasion Up boosts, whereas others might focus solely on doing AOE, or area, damage to whittle the entire enemy team down evenly. You’ll need to regularly reevaluate the Skylanders …

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‘Skylanders: Ring of Heroes’ Review: Who Exactly Is This For?

The Skylanders are back again with Skylanders: Ring of Heroes (Free). I’ll be honest here. I never managed to play any of the original Skylanders titles. I’m still not entirely sure how the original games play, but as a retail worker back in its heyday, I spent a lot of time restocking shelves with its colorful character figures and wrapping security tags around the more sought after ones. Yes, these things were prime shoplifting targets. My point here is that Skylanders: Ring of Heroes may be my first time messing around with its mix of quick-witted and brutish characters, but it’s certainly not my first time seeing them. So, is mobile the next logical step for Activision’s child magnet? Sadly, yes. But that doesn’t mean it’s a good game.

Skylanders: Ring of Heroes is a turn-based RPG, though not in the traditional sense. Rather than taking your time to issue orders and watching the action unfold before doing it all again, combat runs on a queue system with a constantly regenerating resource dictating how often you can strike. You take 3 of your chosen Skylanders into battle against enemy teams of various sizes and spend mana to queue your choice of attacks. Each Skylander can bring 2 attacks, each with varying mana costs, into each fight with other passive abilities further augmenting stats and strategy. You don’t select your attacks and hit an Execute or End button to kick things off, you’re just expected to think on your feet to efficiently spend your ever-regenerating mana to blow through waves of enemies until the stage or level comes to a close.

Skylanders Ring of Heroes review

That’s the entire game, honestly. The frankly overused base building mechanic seen in countless other games returns, but it looks thrown in as an after-thought and won’t manage to distract you from the core experience for very long. Expect to fight in gauntlets for varying rewards and do very little else.

What we’re looking at here is essentially Summoners War recreated with Skylanders assets. I say recreated because as a title released back in 2014, mobile graphics have come a long way in what is now close to 5 years. The core gameplay remains the same, but Skylanders: Ring of Heroes is a far more visually appealing title in today’s world with high-quality character models, flashy attack animations with some dramatic cut-ins for added drama, and a base building segment that isn’t forced to display sprites instead of actual 3D models to save the game burning through your battery in 10 minutes flat.

It’s difficult to properly review a videogame like Skylanders: Ring of Heroes. It’s clearly not targeted at me. But as a long-time fan of turn-based RPGs, I can say that the core gameplay is fairly solid thanks to the complex strategies enabled by each Skylander have more skills and abilities than the two they can bring into battle. But at the same time, it’s that fast-paced combat and dizzying amounts of customization menus that make me think this particular take on the franchise might not be a good fit for its prime target audience.

Skylanders: Ring of Heroes review

The gameplay loop is simple enough that younger children should be able to buckle down with relative ease, but I can …

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‘Ballz Invaderz’ Blends Brick-Breaking and ‘Space Invaders’ and is Looking for Beta Testers

A few years back a mobile game called Ballz took the world by storm with its spin on the brick-breaking formula of having many multiple balls in play and blocks that all took a certain number of hits, displayed as a countdown right on the block itself, in order to be cleared from the board. Ballz wasn’t the first game to use that particular spin, and it certainly wasn’t the last as there have been many copies and variations since, but it’s definitely the one that went mainstream first. Some have even tried to evolve the Ballz formula in various ways; one that’s quite beloved is Grapefrukt’s Holedown which played around with block placement and the number of balls available to use for each level that created an almost puzzle-like experience. Now developer Crazy Oyster Games has their own interesting take on the formula with their upcoming Ballz Invaderz, which as you might be able to guess is Ballz blended with blocks that rhythmically fall towards you like Space Invaders enemies. Check it out.

In addition to knocking out all the blocks in a level before they have a chance to descend upon you, you’ll also need to take out an occasional boss, which is that giant red hexagon you see in the trailer. There will also be an upgrade system so you can turbo charge your block-breaking skills, and although no official number has been declared it appears there will be triple-digits in terms of number of levels. Ballz Invaderz is set to officially launch on March 26th but Crazy Oyster is looking for some beta testing help ahead of that time, so if you’re interested in that then head over to the thread in our forums and let them know, otherwise look for this one to arrive towards the end of this month.

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SwitchArcade Round-Up: ‘Modern Combat Blackout’ Gets an Update, ‘World Tree Marche’ and ‘Riddled Corpses EX’ Release, ‘World of Final Fantasy Maxima’ is on Sale, and More

Hello gentle readers, and welcome to the SwitchArcade Round-Up for March 4th, 2019. A combination of a very light weekend of news and my personal schedule being unexpectedly busy means that today’s edition is a somewhat brief one. But that’s okay! We’ve still got some news, some new releases, and some sweet sales to check out, and I can promise you that tomorrow is going to be a much heavier read. For now, let’s just enjoy easing into the week, shall we?


‘Modern Combat Blackout’ Gets Updated with Improved Visuals and More

Although Gameloft’s Modern Combat Blackout serves well enough to scratch the itch for a fast-paced military FPS game on the Switch, it’s certainly not without its faults. One of the biggest drags is in its visual performance. It just doesn’t look up to snuff, which is a disappointment when you consider how well the series pushed iOS devices at times. Well, the latest update for the game seeks to improve things a bit. It aims for a steadier framerate, adds a field of view slider, fixes some bugs, and makes some light graphical improvements such as better reflections on armor. It’s a good start, and a nice signal that Gameloft will be supporting this game into the future.

New Releases

World Tree Marche ($11.99)

This is a kind of sim/visual novel thing where you have to help six different chefs find success with their shops in the market of the world tree. It’s relatively light-hearted and silly, with recipes that make little sense at all. I wish I could tell you that I’ve heard good things about this one, but to be honest, most of the people I know who have played this came away a little disappointed. There’s very little strategy involved in the game, and the translation is apparently a bit iffy.

Riddled Corpses EX ($9.99)

Well, it’s another twin-stick shooter. It’s okay, as these things go. Not particularly great and certainly not original, but it nails down the fundamentals well enough that you can probably have some fun with it while the game lasts. Which isn’t very long at all, mind you, but hey, what other twin-stick shooter are you going to play on your Nintendo Switch? Oh… right. Hm. At least it’s the same price on Switch that it is on other platforms?


The most exciting sales from the weekend are the couple of discounts Square Enix is running. Both of those games are certainly worth picking up at half-price. If you’re only going to pick one, I’d have to give the nod to World of Final Fantasy Maxima, but really, both are good and will keep you busy for quite a while. Maybe even until the next round of Final Fantasy games comes out!

New Games on Sale

World of Final Fantasy Maxima ($19.99 from $39.99 until 3/14)
Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition HD ($14.99 from $29.99 until 3/14)
99Moves ($2.00 from $3.00 until 3/21)
Cake Laboratory ($2.69 from $2.99 until 3/18)
Bud Spencer & Terence Hill ($9.99 from $19.99 until 3/8)
Hyper Sentinel ($1.29 from $12.99 until 3/8)
I and Me ($5.99 from $9.99 until 3/18)
Squareboy vs Bullies: Arena Edition ($3.34 from $4.99 until 3/18)
Plantera Deluxe ($3.34 …

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