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Nintendo’s ‘Dragalia Lost’ Is Finally Available in More Countries Including the UK, Canada, New Zealand, and More alongside a Double-Bonus Event and Gifts for All Players

Nintendo earlier announced plans to bring Dragalia Lost (Free) to more regions and the game is finally available in more countries beginning today. These countries are Ireland, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Singapore, and New Zealand. Yes, I couldn’t believe it at launch either. Usually all games that are available in USA are available in Canada but Dragalia was an exception. If you’ve been patiently waiting to check out Nintendo’s mobile exclusive action RPG and live in any of those regions (or use accounts there), your wait is now over.

As with just about anything from Dragalia Lost, celebrations are now ongoing for the new country launches. All players who play it before March 24th will get 1500 x Wyrmite. A double-bonus event is also on right now until March 7th. This event will see the Daily Bonus for Avenue to Power doubled. The Daily Bonus will be quadrupled when the 7-Day Pack double bonus is in effect. For those who have been playing from the start, an app update is available on the App Store and Google Play with various co-op fixes and a lot more. A new raid event titled ‘A Waltz with Fate’ has been announced for 27th as well in today’s round up of Dragalia Lost news.

Dragalia Lost is free to play on iOS and Android Read our review of it here. After Nintendo announced plans to bring the game to more countries, they have finally added a few to the list for Dragalia Lost. Fire Emblem Heroes was also released in India recently. Have you been waiting for the launch in more countries or had you already been playing on a USA iTunes account?

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Brilliant Puzzler ‘Snakebird Primer’ Now Available on iOS

Snakebird (Free) from Noumenon Games became a critical hit when it originally launched on Steam back in 2015, and then the following year they brought that hit to mobile with an experience that almost felt like it was meant for the touchscreen in the first place. Snakebird has you controlling one or more of the eponymous snakebird abominations of nature and moving them segment by segment through a variety of levels. Your goal is to collect all the fruit pieces and then make it to the swirling rainbow goal, but the catch is that every piece of fruit that you eat makes your snakebird grow one segment longer, just like the classic Snake that was built into our Nokia phones twenty years ago. It’s an absolutely brilliant puzzler, one that we loved in our review of the iOS version back in 2016, but one big criticism of the game was that it got awfully difficult in the later parts of the game. Some folks love that sort of bash-your-head-into-a-wall-difficulty, but some folks find it a turn off. For those in the latter group, Noumenon Games has created Snakebird Primer ($7.99), which utilizes the mechanics of the original game but presents them in a whole new set of levels that were designed to be easier than those of the first Snakebird.

When Snakebird Primer was originally announced earlier this month, it was pegged for a February 18th release. However, Noumenon clarified on their Twitter account that that release date was only confirmed for the Steam version of the game, and that Snakebird Primer was still working its way through the approval processes of the other various digital storefronts out there and would likely hit a bit later than that. In a weird quirk, the Apple TV version of Snakebird Primer did launch right around the 18th, but the game was actually meant to be fully Universal on iOS. Well finally today that existing Apple TV app has been updated with Universal iPhone and iPad support, which means you can buy it once and play it on all three of those devices.

As the name indicates, Snakebird Primer is designed to prepare people with the skills necessary to complete those really difficult challenges in the original game. Not that it’s not a fantastic game all on its own, because it absolutely is with more than 70 brand new levels, and anything that can introduce a wider audience of people to the fantastic world of Snakebird is an easy recommendation for me. But, should you finish Primer and crave more, the original Snakebird is there for you. I just am holding out hope Noumenon will update it with full screen support for the latest iOS devices, which it currently lacks. Until that time though I’ll happily be working my way through Snakebird Primer, and you should be too, and in the meantime you can find more discussion and impressions about the game in our forums.

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TinyBuild’s ‘SpeedRunners’ is Heading to Mobile and Looking for Beta Testers

The multiplayer platformer SpeedRunners was one of the early hits that put TinyBuild on the map before they became the powerhouse publisher that we know and love today. Developed by DoubleDutch Games and based off of their earlier Flash game, SpeedRunners is a competitive multiplayer grappling hook platformer for up to 4 players that launched on Steam Early Access way back in 2013 and spent more than two years there as the experience was polished to a sheen. It officially launched on desktop in the spring of 2016 and on consoles during the summer of 2017 and became a smashing success. TinyBuild has helped put out dozens of games on basically all platforms since then, but now they’re circling back around to SpeedRunners to put out a special free version of the game built for mobile titled SpeedRunners: Online PVP. While there’s no official trailer for the mobile version just yet, this is the launch trailer of the desktop version so you can get an idea of what SpeedRunners is like.

It’s interesting because ever since SpeedRunners made multiplayer platforming “a thing” there have been quite a few similar games on mobile over the years, and actually the experience translates really well to the mobile platform. Currently SpeedRunners: Online PVP is soft-launched in Australia, so if you’re in that region or simply have an iTunes account in that store then you can grab the game with the link in our forums. If you’d rather test drive the game using Testflight, you can also find a link to sign up for the beta build in that very same forum thread. I’m guessing that this call for beta testers means the game won’t be too far off, so even if you don’t get in on this early testing then keep an eye out for SpeedRunners: Online PVP on mobile sometime in the near future.

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‘Scorcher’ From Radiangames Hits Review Snag, Should Be Arriving March 7th Now

About a month ago, Radiangames announced a new game called Scorcher, an infinite “canyon racer” that’s a bit like a cave flyer where you’re racing from a top-down view while taking out deadly sand sharks and avoiding a gigantic sand worm in order to make it as far as possible. Scorcher shared some similarities with Radian’s other previously announced title Speed Demons, but was meant to be a mechanically simpler game with a much shorter development cycle. It was originally planned to launch on February 14th, but obviously that day has come and gone with no Scorcher in sight. So wassup with that? Well, through a couple of different blog posts this month, Radiangames has detailed what’s going on with Scorcher.

First, a blog post from February 8th details how Scorcher has expanded in scope from its original vision. Jumping has been added so instead of simply steering your vehicle you’ll now also need to watch out for land mines and jump over them safely. Then there’s the more significant addition which is an entirely new game mode. It’s called Behemoth Mode and is named after the game’s giant sand worm creature, and this mode actually lets you PLAY as the Behemoth, basically flipping the script of the regular mode, now officially called Scorcher Mode. It’s not a one-to-one flip though as Behemoth Mode isn’t endless and is instead timed to just two minutes. In those two minutes your job will be to take out as many sand sharks and mines as possible, and here you can also bump into the canyon walls which will slow you down but not cause the game to end as it would in Scorcher Mode. With these additions Radiangames is actually bumping up the price of Scorcher from its originally planned $1.99 to $2.99.

So now about that release date. Obviously Scorcher was shooting for release on February 14th but even with those changes listed above that date was looking like it might be in jeopardy. Then several events happened which really through the release plans out of whack. Radiangames details these in a blog post from just this past week, and while I won’t go into all the details here, it’s definitely interesting reading especially if you’re a developer yourself. Basically it boils down to some technical SNAFUs with submitting through the iTunes backend, but it sounds like everything is sorted out now and currently Radiangames is hoping that Scorcher will finally see the light of day on March 7th. It’s still not quite set in stone, but even if that date slips it’ll likely only be until the following week. Whenever it ends up being, I’m really excited to get my hands on this bigger and better version of Scorcher.

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Rockstar Updates ‘Bully: Anniversary Edition’ with Support for Newest iOS Devices

Here’s some exciting news: Late last week Rockstar Games updated Bully: Anniversary Edition ($6.99) with full screen support for all the latest iOS devices. Why is that exciting? Well you may recall that we’ve been patiently waiting for Rockstar to update their iOS games with modern device support, and they actually kicked that initiative off back in May of last year with Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas ($6.99). I kind of figured that would set off a chain reaction of all their games getting similar updates around the same time. I was wrong. Their next game to receive a full screen update was Max Payne Mobile ($2.99), but it didn’t come until more than five months later in mid-October. The next one to follow that was Grant Theft Auto: Vice City ($4.99), which was updated just a couple of weeks ago. So that’s what’s exciting to me, is that the Bully update comes rather quickly on the heels of the Vice City update. Maybe that means we won’t be forced to wait such long stretches between updates for the remaining Rockstar iOS library?

Whatever the case, I’m extremely happy that Bully has finally received a full screen update. It was one of the Rockstar titles I’d been hoping for the most, and is truly one of the most unique games of the PS2-era open-world sandbox games. Don’t get me wrong, crime and shenanigans in Grand Theft Auto is a blast as well, but in Bully you’re actually playing as a student going to school and the simulation is quite faithful. You still have a ton of open world to explore and lots of different activities to partake in, but everything is framed around you being a teenager in school and having to actually do things like attend classes on time and not be out on the streets after curfew. It’s surprisingly fun, and you can read all about our thoughts on Bully: Anniversary Edition in our original review and our Game of the Week write up from when the game came out on iOS back in late 2016. As for which Rockstar game I have my fingers crossed to receive an update next? Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars ($4.99). Bring it on.

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SwitchArcade Round-Up: ‘SEGA AGES Alex Kidd in Miracle World’ Impressions, ‘Duck Hunting Challenge’ Releases, ‘Velocity 2X’ and ‘Saboteur!’ on Sale, and More

Hello gentle readers, and welcome to the SwitchArcade Round-Up for February 25th, 2019. The last couple of days have been pretty quiet as far as news goes, but we’ve got one heck of a week ahead of us. Warhammer Quest and Trials Rising hit tomorrow, Deltarune and ToeJam & Earl are coming later this week, and that’s just scratching the surface of the avalanche of new games. So let’s enjoy a sip of our chosen beverages and have a bit of a breather today. Here we go!


SEGA AGES Alex Kidd in Miracle World

The Switch SEGA AGES releases aren’t coming as quickly or as smoothly as most had hoped when the project was originally announced, but at the very least we can all agree that once they arrive, they’re quite good. Not only do they do a good job of bringing back the classics, they also add some interesting options for you to play them in new ways. The result is that, at least in my opinion, anyone can enjoy a little trip into SEGA’s history with each new release.

While Western players wait for the highly original cult favorite Gain Ground to arrive, Japan’s eShop saw the release last week of a slightly more famous chapter of the company’s history: Alex Kidd in Miracle World. An early effort at creating a mascot platformer to counter Nintendo’s industry-changing Super Mario Bros., Alex Kidd was a reasonably big success in the relatively small pond that was the Master System market. The titular Alex Kidd character would go on to appear in a few other games before relinquishing his mascot crown to a certain blue hedgehog, but until that point, he was the best thing SEGA had for the job.

A lot of the love for the character stems directly from Alex Kidd in Miracle World. Most of the other games bearing Alex Kidd’s name tended to be completely unrelated affairs that had Alex shoehorned in at the last minute. The quality of such titles certainly varied. But Miracle World was pretty good, and SEGA did its best to put the game in the hands of as many Master System owners as possible. It’s certainly a game worth celebrating in a project like SEGA AGES, and I’m glad developer M2 selected it as a candidate.

Alex Kidd in Miracle World is a side-scrolling platformer during most of its 17 stages. In some ways it’s quite pedestrian. The bulk of the levels are fairly short and only scroll in one direction, and you need to guide Alex to the goal while safely navigating tricky platforms and dangerous enemies. Alex is a floatier fellow than his Nintendo rival, but he packs a powerful punch that can take out enemies and blocks alike. Despite that, he prefers to battle bosses by playing Rock, Paper, Scissors. He’s also not above throwing around money to make his life easier. Some levels feature a shop that allows you to buy a vehicle that makes getting to the end a breeze.

Well, okay, you’re probably already noticing that this isn’t exactly a typical platformer. There are bits of it that are very familiar, but they’re set amongst weirder elements like non-linear castles, puzzle-solving, …

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New Features of Xbox Insiders coming this spring

Xbox Insider new features this Spring

Microsoft revealed the new features that are coming to Xbox Insiders and likely Xbox One users in the near future. Xbox has been around for a long time and no major changes have been added to its system yet. However, there has been a considerable number of fixes made to assure that Xbox users will have a better playing experience. Microsoft is aiming to provide quality play for its users and decided to address the feedback and complaints that they’ve been getting. you cna check the new features coming this Spring right below.

Changes to come to Xbox Insiders

According to Microsoft, users will now able to access quest programs in their dashboard and browse all their quests from My Profile. Aside from streamlining Xbox Game Pass Quests, Microsoft is also streamlining the messages by adding a Message Request feature so that user can add and see their friends’ messages and ignore messages from people they don’t know.

Xbox Insider new Message Request feature

The difficulty of using the virtual keyboard will be addressed in the new Xbox as they are testing out a mini virtual keyboard option that allows faster typing without taking up much space. Another change is the addition of an option to restart the console in the Power Center. You can access this by quickly pressing down the Xbox button on the controller to bring out the Power Center. You no longer have to navigate within the system tab to restart your console.

Xbox, restart option [/caption]

Next thing is the way in which you uninstall games when you need more space. As for now, you get rid of games by going to your collection and then choosing the game you want to remove. But in the new Xbox feature, you will be sent to a page with suggested titles that you can uninstall. Once selected the installation you have previously chosen will start automatically.

Last but certainly one of the best additions is that Microsoft announced that they will update the Xbox media remote so that users can put it in their favorite media app and jump to it directly.

All these features will soon be available to Xbox Insiders users and maybe, after some tweaking, they will also be available for Xbox One users.

Summary of Changes

  • Streamlined Xbox Game Pass Quests
  • Adding a Message Request feature
  • Mini Virtual Keyboard
  • Restart Button in the Power Center
  • Improved Uninstall Process
  • Programmable button in Xbox Media Remote

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Best iPhone Game Updates: ‘Marvel Future Fight’, ‘Phantasy Star Classics’, ‘PUBG Mobile’, ‘Siralim 2’, and More

Hello everyone, and welcome to the week! It’s time once again for our look back at the noteworthy updates of the last seven days. This week features a lot of games I used to play a lot getting some interesting new updates. We’ve got cool new additions to a variety of games, and a couple of slightly odd crossovers. Well, I’ll let you all have a look and decide what you think. Of course, you can keep an eye out for updates yourself using AppShopper or by participating in the TouchArcade forums. This weekly summary is just here to fill you in on the things you might have missed. Let’s go for it!

Phantasy Star Classics, Free

What can I say? Some weeks I like to get my favorite update of the week out of the way quickly, and this is one of them. The Phantasy Star 2 app got a sweet update this week that added Phantasy Star 3 and Phantasy Star 4, available to play for free with ad support or in special upgraded ad-free versions if you buy IAPs. I think it was my first year at TouchArcade where I openly wished I could play Phantasy Star 4, one of the best RPGs of the 16-bit era, on my iPhone, and now here we are. Enjoy that coveted UMMSotW award, SEGA.

Siralim 2 (Monster Taming RPG), $4.99

Okay yes, Siralim 3 is out there and it’s getting regular updates, but don’t forget good ol’ Siralim 2. It got an update in the last week that has some nice stuff in it. There’s now support for MFi gamepads, improved touch controls, support for Turbo Mode in boss battles, support for iPhone X family screen sizes, and more. Yes, even bug fixes and optimizations! It’s a good excuse to fire up Siralim 2 again when you’re taking breaks from Siralim 3.

MARVEL Future Fight, Free

The latest Marvel movie is going to be out very soon, and that naturally means that Marvel’s various mobile games are getting ready. In the case of Future Fight, that means three brand-new characters. The new additions include Nick Fury, who somehow wasn’t in the game already, Minn-Erva, because Kree names are often cute like that, and Korath, because sometimes they’re not. Naturally, they’re all sporting costumes inspired by the movie alongside their comic book looks. Captain Marvel also has a new uniform available to make her look a little more Brie-esque. Finally, there’s a new legendary battle available based on the movie.

SEGA Heroes: Match-3 RPG Quest, Free

It’s time for the next SEGA franchise to join the SEGA Heroes, and it’s… The House of the Dead? Sure, why not? So far, we’ve just got Dr. Roy Curien, but I’m sure we’ll soon be able to make a certain someone suffer like G did. You can also find Dr. Curien as an opponent in Survival Mode. Also new in this update are Playgrounds being made a part of the regular rotation. You can pick up some gold and, perhaps more importantly, some valuable advice in each new Playground. Toss in some bug fixes and that’s the update.

Homescapes, Free

What the …

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Fortnite, Season 8: what’s coming?

A new season is about to start in Fortnite, and Epic Games has decided to share a bit of information about it on the AMA that was organized last Friday on Reddit. Users were able to ask questions to several developers.

From the huge number of questions they answered, you can get an idea of what´s coming and what is definitely not coming to the game on Season 8. The first thing to note is that you can already forget about seeing double shotguns and planes in the game for a while. They are willing to add a new single-occupancy vehicle, but they didn’t give any hint about what it could be. Maybe it´s something like the hoverboard? We will have to wait until the new season starts on Thursday to find out more on that matter. Improvements to the sounds and better visuals that make characters easier to spot are on the “to do” list too.

Fortnite- Hoverboard

But what really shook the hive and got all players speculating through the weekend was the answer of an Epic Games producer when he was asked if they were thinking of new mechanics like respawning.

“We’ve been considering this mechanic for a while and have been exploring it. Want to make sure we give it the time it needs and fully understand its impact on the game as a whole. Look for further updates during Season 8.”

Boom! Respawning in a Battle Royale game? That goes in the opposite direction of what a BR should be. If they really implement something like that, wouldn´t Fortnite stop having exactly the type of gameplay that has made it so popular to become something else? This answer has been received with mixed feelings on the player base and has been the main theme for all the discussions about the game through the weekend. We have known today that Fortnite’s revenues have dropped by 50{c4f60b86d58bd0bb42d7d202d81274380459a85a5d81d139dd8bd0c48cc6a02e} on all platforms during the last month, and it would be very easy to say that it could have been partially caused for the apparition of Apex Legends in the market. Maybe that´s the reason for Epic Games to consider such an unexpected and drastic change to the core mechanics of Fortnite.

Reasons aside, we will have to wait a little longer before we know the whole list of changes coming to the game with Season 8 and what kind of impact they will have on Fortnite. Until that happens, we will keep you updated with any news.

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Is This the Real Life? Is This Just Fantasy? – The TouchArcade Show #389

Heyyyyyyyyyyyy everybody, if you’re into the weird off topic tangents on the TouchArcade Show, this is going to be a podcast for you as we do a deep-dive into startup ideas surrounding just skipping ordering Doordash and instead just paying a similar gig economy service to come destroy your toilet. It might be the next billion dollar business, so don’t steal this idea. Anyway, this week’s podcast is filled with a recap of all the news of the week including some GDC speculation on what Google has been up to, some absurd drama in the Fortnite world, and much, much more. We also hit a bit on me leaving TouchArcade, which I announced on Twitter earlier today.

That might have something to do with the toilet destruction startup. Maybe. Anyway, it’s a good episode!

Don’t forget to shoot us emails with any questions, feedback, or anything else relevant or irrelevant to We read ’em all, and love decoding messages written entirely in emoji. As always, you can listen to us with the links below… And if you like what you hear, please subscribe and/or drop us a review in iTunes. Much appreciated!

As a companion to this audio podcast, we also do a video version of the same show that is exclusive to Patreon which allows you to see us playing the games we’re talking about. Backers can view the most recent video episodes of the TouchArcade show by clicking here. Be sure you’re logged in to see the latest content. For everyone else who is curious, you can check out our public patreon posts to see older episodes of the video podcast. If you like what you see, consider becoming a TouchArcade Patreon backer.

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