Christmas arrives early this year to Overwatch in the form of the Winter Wonderland limited-time event. All players can celebrate the festivities in Blizzard’s competitive first-person shooter with extra content and unlockable rewards, like holiday-themed skins and other cool stuff.

Winter wonderland 2019 brings plenty of items to unlock, including four new Legendary skins and three Epic skins for your characters. Those are added to the skins that you could unlock in the previous Winter Wonderlands events, which will be available too in case you missed your chance to get them before. The novelties include Jotunn Doomfist, Mountain Man McCree, Rat King Reaper, and Rime Sigma as unlockable Legendary skins, and also Ugly Sweater Soldier:76, Holly Moira, and Snow Angel Mercy Epic skins. To unlock those three all you have to do is winning nine matches each of the weeks that the event is live to complete the challenge and get those as rewards.

But there will be more than loot in Winter Wonderland 2019. The event also comes with a new Snowball Deathmatch gameplay mode, which is all about blasting your opponents with snowballs. In this mode, eight players will try to be the first one to get to 15 eliminations in a free-for-all brawl by using a modified version of Mei’s snow blaster which is able to shoot huge snowballs. You just need a single hit to eliminate an opponent and ammo is limited, but if you are skilled enough you can catch the projectiles that others shoot at you and use them to replenish your ammunition. In case you missed them, Mei’s Snowball Offensive 6v6 mode and Yeti Hunter 5v1 asymmetric brawl are also playable during the event.

Overwatch Winter Wonderland skins

Overwatch Winter Wonderland event will be running until January 2, 2020, for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. We don’t know what will happen when Overwatch 2 is released, so you better participate in the event and unlock those skins, just in case.

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