Cool move, play that again.

Overwatch’ Replay feature is here.

Blizzard announced that Overwatch has added a new replay feature to the game. Players can now go back to their previous matches and watch their actions from any perspective. The new feature is available on the Public Test Realm for PC and will be available for all versions of the game soon.

According to the official website, players can control the camera and watch replays in both first-person perspective and third-person perspectives, they can also take the bird’s-eye view if they want. The actions can also be sped up or slowed down, and one last thing: the UI can be taken out.

The Replay feature can be accessed from the Player Profile page, you will see a new tab in there. The game will store up to ten previous matches that you have had in all modes except for Tutorials and Practice Range modes. The feature will let you use a map overlay like the one in Overwatch League matches, and place bookmarks and static cameras in the spots you want to watch your match over and over again.

It’s about time for Overwatch to have a Reply feature. You can now use it to improve your gameplay, observe the strategies of your opponents, or just take a look again at your awesome performance.

Here are some of tips for using Replay:

  • Use the map overlay (Ctrl+I) if you want to watch a match. This will help you understand how team fights are done.
  • Use the map overlay to get the best view. Place your camera in the sky and have a straight look down at the ground.

    Look at that view!

  • Set up cameras in static locations to view fights from multiple perspectives. Bookmark your locations for each new match as well.
  • Do not overuse the slow motion. Slow down the dramatic and impactful moments in the fight.

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