Competitive playing has been suffering from severe issues for a while in Overwatch. It’s not a gameplay thing, but quite surprisingly, the problem has been team composition. The main cause for this has been the absolute prevalence of GOATS of teams. These type of teams, composed of three tanks and three support heroes that would spam their defensive and healing abilities together, can lay waste to the enemy teams more or less like if they were an unstoppable wrecking ball. The main issue is that you cant trying to balance Overwatch around the power of those characters would probably cause serious problems in other areas. After a lot of complaints and boring matches, Blizzard has decided to address the problem, and the solution they have come up with is no other than a new role queue system.

Starting on September 1st, a new 2-2-2 role queue will be released on all platforms for all game modes in Overwatch. The new system will enforce players to choose two tanks, two DPS, and two support to form a team. This simple change is going to cause a huge impact in the way competitive Overwatch matches work, not only because it puts an end to GOATS, but also because several changes are going to be needed for it to be implemented. Player rating (MMR) will have to be split into three, one for each role. Also, some heroes that could be considered as hybrids will suffer some modifications, so they fit better in a certain role.

Role Queue System – Overwatch

We will have to wait to see the repercussions of all the upcoming changes in the matchmaking. Even if they solve Overwatch’s current problems, they could create some others. It is yet to be revealed how Overwatch will deal with things that might happen, like a majority of players choosing a certain role. If we are talking about professional competitions, it shouldn’t be that much of an issue, but if we consider casual gameplay, will Overwatch players have to suffer endless queues waiting for a tank to join like it happens when you queue for a raid in World of Warcraft?

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