Everyone knows it already. Epic Games Store is giving away a free game every week at least until this year ends. That means plenty of opportunities for finding something you like. You only have to load Epic Games launcher, log in, and claim your game. It will be yours forever, as simple as that.
This week you can get an incredibly fun game about cooking, running, and cooperation: Overcooked.

Overcooked is a top-down cooperative game for up to four players where you take the role of chefs cooking under pressure in the craziest kitchens that you could imagine. Those kitchens will be full of obstacles and hazards which won´t make any easier, but they will contribute quite a lot in making it more fun. Imagine cooking in a kitchen that is split into two halves, with each of them placed on the back of a truck, while those trucks move down the highway. How about cooking on a boat with all the tables in the kitchen moving around due to the waves?

Overcooked will get players to cook meals, having to go through all the process of preparation of ingredients, cooking, serving, and cleaning up all while under a time limit. They will have to try their best to cooperate and get finished as many dishes as possible. 28 different kitchens are waiting for them, each with their own layout and crazy cooking conditions.

Overcooked gameplay

The game is best played along with three other friends in cooperative mode, but there is also a solo mode that will let you control two chefs switching between them at any time. You can also take part in a competitive mode where the chef that scores more points wins. Keep in mind that all multiplayer modes are local in Overcooked, so you will have to invite your friends to your home for maximum fun.

Overcooked will be available for free at Epic Games Store until June 10th. If you like the game you can always take a look at its sequel Overcooked 2, which adds a lot of new features, impossible kitchens, and game modes to the franchise.

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