Just one week ahead of the start of the 2019 edition of E3 and you can feel the excitement coming from all sides. Between leaks and teasers, rumors and expectations, we get a lot of new information every day.

Today Square Enix gives us grist to grind. About a year ago, we already heard of this name: Outriders. Quietly enough, however, because we only knew that Square Enix had registered it with the European Union Intellectual Property Office. Since then, Outriders had more or less fallen into oblivion until yesterday.

We discovered a tweet with a short video showing us a woman waking up after a period of cryoperation. We are pointed to the meeting about the game, scheduled for June 10, at the Square Enix conference at E3.

In the meantime, we are finally getting very little bits of information about Outriders. The little information we have about the game is found on Twitter and Facebook, in messages presented in the form of a logbook, which began to appear on May 1. This is a sci-fi title set in the 2070. According to the log of the years 2076 and 2077, it seems that the Earth is no longer a welcoming home for humanity and that a ship called the Flores containing cryopods on board, is heading towards a planet named Enoch, supposed to be the hope of humanity. The diary is kept by Captain Simon B. Archan, and the latest post indicates that the ship has arrived in Enoch’s orbit. It is, therefore, possible that the story revolves around the discovery of this planet, and the establishment of a colony.

Outriders – protagonist or villain?

Nothing has been confirmed for the moment, but it seems that the studio in charge of developing Outriders is People Can Fly. As a reminder, we owe to them Bulletstorm, Painkiller, and Gears of War Judgment. And it turns out that around the same time as the Outriders trademark was registered in May 2018, People Can Fly announced a partnership with Square Enix to develop an AAA shooter, as well as the opening of two new studios, one of them in the UK.

We will have to wait until June 10 to know a bit more about Outsiders. Be patient.

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