What would you do if you were in an alien planet with only 20 minutes left before everything gets destroyed by a huge explosion? That’s the premise in Outer Wilds, an indie adventure developed by Annapurna Interactive and Mobius Digital Games that won the Seumas McNally Grand Prize at the 2015 GDC Independent Games Festival, beating titles like The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, This War of Mine, The Talos Principle, and Endless Legend.

Outer Wilds is a thrilling exploration adventure where you take the role of an astronaut and member of the Outer Wilds Ventures space program, which aim is to find answers in a solar system in constant change. You set camp on the surface of a foreign planet, getting ready to explore it and look for clues about what´s happening, but you will soon realize that you are experiencing a very weird phenomenon. Every 20 minutes the sun will explode in a supernova destroying the whole galaxy where you are, but every time that happens, the galaxy resets itself going back to the point where you started.

You could think that it would be pointless to explore the same things over and over in those 20 minutes but in Outer Wilds the information you gather doesn’t change on every playthrough. That means that you can make full use of the accumulated knowledge that you gain on every playthrough to progress through the game and find an answer to the mysteries of this galaxy, finding out the reasons behind the strange time loop you are trapped in and what happened to the ancient alien civilization of the Nomai that created the galaxy.

In Outer Wilds you will eventually visit different planets with a variety of ecosystems and booming with alien wildlife and exploring those open world scenarios searching for answers will be part of your adventure. You have different tools at your disposal to help you in your mission, like a Little Scout space probe with several functions that range from illuminating dark places to testing different hazards, a signal Scope to track down audio signal, and a Translator that will decipher Nomai writings.

One of the various planets in Outer Wilds

You will have to gather information, think fast and analyze what you have learned through the different playthroughs to decide the best course of action after the next supernova if you want to have a chance to put an end to this endless adventure. Keep in mind that in Outer Wilds you will have to monitor your oxygen and health levels because if any of those resources are depleted you will end appearing at the starting point earlier than you would have expected.

Outer Wilds will launch on May 30, 2019, on PC and Xbox One.

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