There’s always developers looking for beta testers in our forums, and there’s always plenty of mobile gamers who are interested in helping test. It’s synergy in action! London-based developer Loju is in that very position right now with their upcoming game Ordia. Ordia is described as “a one-finger action game where you play as a new life form taking its first leaps into a strange and hazardous world.” In practical terms this means you’ll be flinging your little life form between various anchor points and surfaces while avoiding dangerous hazards and enemies. You can see Ordia in action in the trailer below.

As mentioned, Loju is looking for beta testers to help out with Ordia and if you’re interested in joining the beta test you can check out the thread in our forums to find the info needed to sign up. Ordia will include 30 levels to play through as well as “extra challenge modes, bonus levels and achievements to unlock.” It’ll also be a premium game though no price has been determined yet. Loju previously released the time-manipulation puzzler Causality ($1.99) a couple of years back, and it was really cool, so I have a good feeling that Ordia will be another winner. While no release date has been announced yet the developers figure they’re at least a couple of months away from being finished, so in the meantime hit up the forums to join in on the beta test.

from TouchArcade