Last week we presented the new expansion for No Man’s Sky. Beyond will be released next week, and it promises to greatly change the game through the addition of new features. It will include VR support and an enhanced multiplayer experience, as well as some other features that are yet to be unveiled. Developer Hello Games has published the launch trailer for the expansion today, and it looks amazing.

The first thing that comes to attention in the trailer is that it explains how absolutely everything in the game is procedurally generated. This may seem pretty obvious to anyone that has played the game so far but with the new social interaction possibilities that Beyond adds to No Man’s Sky, being aware that the game provides a unique experience for every player becomes even more relevant. Every other player has visited different places than you, and if you go exploring together, you will probably discover new places to explore that none of you have seen before.

The second important thing that the video shows is the Nexus, a brand new multiplayer hub that brings people together in No Man’s Sky like never before. Players will be able to show off the ships and equipment they have worked so hard to get, meet up with other players for adventuring, and socialize much more easily through this new shared social space.

No Man’s Sky – I have a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore

Also, if you are an old No Man’s Sky player, you probably are amazed at how the game has changed since it initially launched, as this is even more obvious with every new update.

We don´t really know where Hello Games will stop with No Man’s Sky, but it’s definitely become one of the games that has aged better. Every new feature complements the existent ones and helps the game to evolve into a more complex experience which should be in the games library of all the fans of space exploration. And the best thing is that they don´t even charge you for it.

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