Yesterday we showed you the video introducing Zane the Operative, one of the four Vault hunters available as player characters in Borderlands 3. Just a day later we get to know a bit more about Moze the Gunner and her mech Iron Bear in a new video that Gearbox and 2K Games have published. This unusual pair will delight the fans of the series as they have enough firepower to melt a whole fortress down. Moze is a serious threat by herself, but having a huge mech armed with several weapons as a backup makes her one of the most deadly Vault Hunters that we have seen in the Borderlands series so far. They have developed a special relationship through the years and now this duo will be at our service once Borderlands 3 launches.

Similar to Zane, Moze the Gunner has three different skill trees that will empower her and her mech with three different active abilities and plenty of upgrades that she will unlock as she levels up. They are called Demolition Woman, Shield of Retribution, and Bottomless Mags.

Demolition Woman gives Moze the V-35 Grenade Launcher active ability, that will let her use a special semi-automatic grenade launcher. The skill in this tree mainly boost explosive damage in several ways and let Moze unlock the Vanquisher Rocket Pod, a fast-firing rocket launcher that will let her blowing up anything that gets in her way.

Shield of Retribution skill tree will equip our duo with a Rail Gun that will reduce enemies to bits. As they progress down the tree, they will unlock defensive skills that will become quite handy through the game.

Bottomless Mags skill tree honors its name with plenty of skills that will improve the firepower of our pair, adding several types of elemental damage, boosting their rate of fire, and ultimately letting Moze regenerate ammunition for whatever weapon she has equipped. The active ability granted by this tree equips a deadly Minigun on Iron Bear that will allow him to rain destruction over the battlefield.

Moze the gunner and Iron Bear – Borderlands 3

Moze the Gunner provides plenty of heavy weapons and an armored sidekick to the players. It’s quite likely that she can put Salvador’s gunzerking skills to shame, but we will have to wait until Borderlands 3 is released on September 13 to see who packs a bigger punch.

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