The library of MMORPGs on mobile is surprisingly robust. I used to think an MMORPG on a mobile device didn’t make any sense as in my mind they’ve always been these games you sit at your computer and play for hours at a time. But in reality it makes perfect sense, as mobile devices have become incredibly powerful and they’re more or less always connected, and since the gameplay in MMORPGs can often be of the bite-sized variety the genre actually fits really well on mobile. There are also several types of MMORPGs on mobile. There’s the full-sized version that simply tries to emulate a desktop MMORPG but on the touchscreen, like Villagers and Heroes or Old School Runescape. Then there’s the sort of outlier like Lineage 2: Revolution which has all the trappings of a full-fledged MMORPG but allows you to tailor it to your specific tastes, either playing everything yourself or letting the game play itself for you, and everything in between. Finally, the most prolific type on the App Store is the free to play MMORPG which functions really similarly to a social RPG but with more robust multiplayer components. One new entry of this variety is World of Legends from Mighty Bear Games. Have a look.

What’s nice about something like World of Legends is that it’s designed from the start for mobile. It plays in portrait orientation and features a tap-to-move control system, so it’s the type of game that’s easy to bust out and play with just one free hand when you have some time to kill. It’s hyper-focused on collecting loot and upgrading your character with new weapons and gear, as well as unlocking and upgrading a big roster of helper characters that’ll help you out in battle. The actual battles remind me a bit of the Battleheart games as you can tap and focus your characters onto specific enemies while they just whale away with attacks and you can supplement the offense by dragging and dropping various special abilities into the playfield. As of today World of Legends is soft-launched in Southeast Asia, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdoms, Canada, and Brazil so if you want to take it for a spin yourself and have an account in any of those regions this link should get you to the iOS version and this link should get you to the Android version.

from TouchArcade