The most important video games conference of the year seems to continue being unattractive to Sony. That is, at least, what you can get from an announcement made by a Sony’s spokesperson who has declared that the company is skipping the E3 this year too. The main implication of that is that we won’t see the announcement of the PlayStation 5 during the event. Even though this announcement is something that is probably not surprising to most people, especially considering that Sony skipped it last year too and that it’s not the first major publisher that decides to follow its own agenda regarding that type of events.

It is unlikely that Sony will be holding another event in parallel to the E3 like, for example, Electronic Art does, but we still hope that the Japanese company will celebrate the launch of its new console with a big event. In the list of titles for PlayStation 5, we can already find some that should become quite relevant, like Watch Dogs: Legion, but we expect a lot of new game announcements at some point this year.

PlayStation 5 logo is all we know about the console so far

On the other side, head of Xbox brand Phil Spencer has confirmed through a publication on Twitter that Microsoft will be attending to the E3 2020. It’s a great opportunity for Microsoft to take advantage of Sony’s absence again, and we expect that it is used to unveil some information about Xbox Series X and whichever new games are coming for the new console, including Gods & Monsters and some others, although we already know that there won’t be any exclusive ones at launch.

Even though the marketing strategies of both companies seem to be very different, we expect 2020 to be a very important year, because of the launch of the new generation of consoles and, hopefully, because we may see new installments of some of the most popular franchises from both companies.

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