The remake of one of the most famous PlayStation classic titles is on the way and the fans of MediEvil have now a great opportunity of reliving Sir Dan’s adventures for a short time for free. During yesterday’s State of Play, one of the announcements that were made is that MediEvil Short-Lived Demo is available on PlayStation Store. It will allow you to give a try to the new version of the cult hack-and-slash game for free on PlayStation 4 until October 6th.

MediEvil will take you back to Gallowmere to fight against the evil sorcerer Zarok. A hundred years ago he tried to conquer the kingdom with an undead army, and now he is back to raise another undead army from the remains buried after the old battle. That will prove to be a big mistake because among those remains there is the corpse of Sir Daniel Fortesque, one of the knights that fought against him. In his new life as undead, Sir Dan will see a great opportunity to become the hero that he couldn’t be before, saving Gallowmere from Zarok and his army of undead servants.

The new MediEvil is a new version rebuilt from the ground up, and it features enhanced graphics in 4k that will delight the fans of the series. The demo will let you explore Gallowmere’s graveyard, and you can even earn a reward with it. If you download and play MediEvil Short-Lived Demo, you will be able to get Sir Dan’s Helmet, a piece of equipment that will allow you to unlock a special challenge on the full game once it’s released.

MediEvil – Sir Daniel Fortesque

MediEvil will be released later in the same month exclusively on PlayStation 4, (on October 25, to be precise). You will be able to find the best price to buy it through our comparator.

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