Luigi's Mansion Floor 8 TV Room Puzzle Guide
Floor 8 in Luigi’s Mansion has a big puzzle that involves Televisions in the main room. Check out this Luigi’s Mansion floor 8 TV puzzle guide to get through the floor quickly. Once you know the trick, the floor gets much easier.

Luigi’s Mansion Floor 8 TV Room Puzzle Guide

First thing you want to do is turn on all the TVs. Go into all four rooms and use your flashlight on the TVs in there. You can use the TVs to travel back to the center room without having to use the door. In the center room, grab the bucket near the right TV with the purple light. Go through the purple light TV with the bucket to enter the first room. Drop the bucket into the well and then put Luigi behind the camera. While Luigi is behind the camera, use Gooigi and look down the well. The bucket will come up with water in it and you can take it to the next room. Make sure you take the TV and not the door or you lose the bucket.

When you are back in the center room, enter the second TV and go into the castle area with the bucket. Same thing, Luigi behind the camera and Gooigi in the scene. When the rock reveals the vine, pour some water on it and the vine will grow. You will get some ghosts to fight, clear them out, climb the vine, grab the torch, and take the TV back to the center room. Now go to the third TV with the blue light with the empty torch. Again, Luigi behind the camera, Gooigi on the set, clear out the ghosts, use the torch near the fire to light it, return to the center room. When the torch is lit, go to the last room with it and you can get the red horn. Pull open the cardboard with Gooigi and light the web to get the item. Return it to the director and you can finish up this floor.

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