Tripwire Interactive wants to spice up this summer for Killing Floor 2 players and they are launching a special seasonal event. Back & Kickin’ Brass is already LIVE and it will keep you occupied until Juli 31st with plenty of features.

This seasonal event for Killing Floor 2 offers you the possibility of obliterating your enemies with two new weapons, Squeal Squeal and Hemoclobber, a new map, Steam Fortress, that comes with plenty of achievements to unlock. You will also get to try the new Objective mode, where you will be assaulted by waves of enemies, having to complete a certain objective while you fight with each of those. The event also features a lot of steampunk-style cosmetic items to customize your character and it will give you access to Prestige Level 5, which will allow you to unlock several weapon skins.

Those of you that have not experienced Killing Floor 2 yet are in for a nice surprise, because Tripwire Interactive will let you play the game for free this weekend on Steam. Starting tomorrow and until next Tuesday you can just install the game through Valve’s platform and let the adrenaline flow annihilating monsters playing alone or in 6 player co-op mode. Keep in mind that Killing Floor 2 might not be to your taste because it takes a certain approach to zombie-killing that involves a lot of gore, but if entrails and blood everywhere are your thing in videogames then you will feel at home.

Killing Floor 2 is a first-person shooter that will place you in a world invaded by Zeds, a type of zombie-like violent creatures that are the result of a failed experiment when the biological firm Horzine was attempting to create military clones. Because of that, the number of Zeds has grown exponentially and they have rapidly spread over the whole world, causing chaos and general collapse. As you can imagine Killing Floor 2 is all about fighting Zeds, and players have all the means necessary to do that in the most gruesome ways.

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