We are getting closer to Christmas day and we are bound to see the apparition of seasonal events in a great number of video games. The release of Christmas-themed events as a way of celebrating the festivities and provide players with more content to explore during the holidays has become a classic occurrence in most games. Tripwire Interactive is one of the first ones that have published an advance about the extra content that will be included in its first-person shooter Killing Floor 2 in the form of the Yuletide Horror update.

Killing Floor 2 – Yuletide Horror

The Yuletide Horror update will add to the game a new community map called Sanitarium and a new objective map called Biotics Lab. To get rid of the new threats they will have to face during the seasonal event, players will have access to four new weapons. The HRG Incision for the Field Medic is a rail gun able to shoot armor-piercing bullets and healing darts. Winterbites will allow the Gunslinger to freeze enemies with explosive projectiles. The Mosin Nagant is a sharpshooter rifle that can also be used to block attacks. Finally, the Riot Shield / Glock 18 combo will allow the SWAT to keep hordes of Zeds at bay without a problem. The last two weapons are not free and have to be purchased but once you have them you can trade them with any player.

Other than those additions the Yuletide Horror update will serve as an introduction for a new boss, a mutated version of Rachel Clamely, who has followed the steps of her father transforming herself in the fearsome Matriarch. She is a huge monstrosity that wields a deadly plasma cannon, and eliminating them won’t be an easy task as she will be aided by her minions.

“The Matriarch is a multi-stage boss that builds on and combines previous mechanics from other bosses. That being said, the Matriarch has a unique few tricks of her own. The boss battle is built on 4 primary phases, each tied to the different states of her health bars, broken up by escalating waves of E.D.A.R.s enemies that are added into the fray as she enters a new phase.”

Killing Floor 2 seasonal event also comes with the return of Badass Santa, which is a purchasable playable character voiced by Gary Busey that was introduced last year.

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