How To Get Into The Barber Shop In Luigi's Mansion 3
One of the early puzzles in Luigi’s Mansion 3 involves the Club Key. Check out this guide to find out how to use the Club Key in Luigi’s Mansion 3. You can’t progress further if you don’t get into the barber shop.

How To Use The Club Key In Luigi’s Mansion 3

After you get the Club Key, you might be wondering how to get past the shutter to the Barber Shop. You will need to have both Luigi and Gooigi in front of the Barber Shop to open it up. While on Googi, use the vacuum to suck up the Club symbol on one of the sides. From there, switch to Luigi and have him do the other Club symbol while Gooigi is still going. Hold it down for a few seconds and the scissors will spin and open up the door. You can now enter with Gooigi. The cash register you are looking for is invisible, next to the sink. Use the X button to reveal it and then put the Club Key inside to get the boss key.

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