How To Reach Musk Reef In Genshin Impact
Musk Reef is a secret island that’s home to a level 20 Domain. This guide on How To Reach Musk Reef In Genshin Impact will tell you how to solve the puzzle to reach this special island, which is also a pretty good supply of ores like Iron and White Iron. Other than a bit of White Iron and normal Iron to harvest, and a few enemies to fight, there’s not much reason to come here before the dungeon is open at Adventure Rank 20. However, if you want to explore, it’s not too tough to reach it.

Increasing your Adventure Rank is a slow process, as such it’s unlikely most players will be Adventure Level 20 too soon. However, once open you can explore the Domain and it also acts as a fast travel point, so if you want to quickly return to Musk Reef to harvest more White Iron, it’s a viable option once you have reached Adventure Level 20.

How To Reach Musk Reef In Genshin Impact

Reach Musk Reef In Genshin Impact
You want to travel to Cape Oath, just South West of Musk Reef. There’s a puzzle here that needs solving. Once you arrive at Cape Oath, look up into the sky. There’s a large purple portal floating in the air. You cannot reach it by traditional means, you have to solve a puzzle down below first.

There’s a small circular stone structure and some enemies. Clear out the enemies. You will notice there are three tiny statues nearby. You need to search the vicinity for three of the blue spirit ghost-like creatures. Once you find them, follow them back to the statues.

Once you have returned all three spirits to the statues, an air current will appear in the center of the stone structure. Simply use your glider to soar into the sky and enter the portal. You will be immediately transported to Musk Reef and can begin exploring the small island on your own.

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