How To Reach Elder In Maneater Guide
After you’ve reached Teen and Adult phases, the next aging up option is Elder. This How To Reach Elder In Maneater Guide will tell you all of the requirements you must meet before you are able to progress your shark to the next stage and become older, unlocking the Elder form.

The initial tutorial parts of Maneater introduce you to the game and your first age evolution, Teen. Once you’ve reached level 10 and progressed far enough into the story, you can unlock the ability to age up into an Adult shark. This improves all of your base stats across the board and also allows you to break down the Adult-only gates that block exploration. Reaching Elder is very much the same.

How To Reach Elder In Maneater Guide

First and foremost, you much reach level 20. Once you have reached level 20 you must follow the main story until you have a battle with Pete and his son. When you are level 20 you will see an icon in the bottom right of the screen but this time it has “Fight Scaly Pete” alongside it. This is to show you that although you have the appropriate level to reach Elder, you must first complete the encounter with Pete and his son.

Once the encounter is over you are automatically taken back to a Grotto. Your adult shark will then automatically age up into an Elder shark. You will then be granted an increase to your basic stats, making you even more formidable.

And that’s how you reach the Elder age in Maneater.

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