Early on in your play through of Resident Evil 3, you will come across yellow locks that you can’t open. Check out this guide to find out how to open Yellow Locks in Resident Evil 3. You don’t want to miss all the extra ammo and healing items behind the locks.

How To Open Yellow Locks In Resident Evil 3

To get through the Yellow Locks in Resident Evil 3, you will have to first find a lock pick. Luckily for you, it cannot be missed. After you put out the flames in the alley, enter the repair shop and grab the bolt cutters. Use that to cut through the red door and work your way back outside. Follow the path until you enter the substation and clear out the enemies. When you enter the safe room, grab the hip pouch and then exit to the outside of the room. Take the stairs down and there will be a note on the floor. Read it and it will mention that the manager has a lock pick. The manager is just ahead of you dead on the floor.

Grab the box and examine it to get the lock pick. Now before you pick the lock to the sub station, I recommend running back to open up all the lockers and crates you’ve missed so far. There is also the Toy Store that is locked. You will get some extra ammo, healing items, and even another Hip Pouch for running back now. I did have one zombie bust out of a cop car on my way back, so watch yourself around the cars. Once you wrap that up, head back to the sub station and open up the lock for that door.

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