How To Get More Sea Shards In Windbound
Sea Shards are a special currency that unlock new Blessings. This guide on How To Get More Sea Shards In Windbound breaks down the three most common methods we’ve found of farming more Sea Shards so you can unlock some of the games more exciting buffs in Blessings.

Sea Shards are a persistent currency in Windbound. If you die, you lose everything except your held items and restart at the beginning. However, your Sea Shards are unique in that aspect as they are not lost upon death – regardless of the difficulty setting you have selected. At the end of each Chapter you can spend your Sea Shards to buy Blessings – permanent unlocks that can be chosen over and over again. These include weapons that cannot break, resistances to certain damage, reduced Stamina consumption, there are a lot of great buffs.

Smashing Jars

How To Get More Sea Shards In Windbound
There’s a lot of new and exciting things to explore in each Chapter of Windbound. There are lots of islands, tiny islands to explore, hidden tidbits of story scattered around. Sometimes, although quite rare, you will stumble upon the remains of small villages – or a tiny island with a few jars on it.

These jars can be smashed. Most of the time they only give you a small amount of Sea Shards but sometimes they can give you as much as 500 Sea Shards in a single jar. They can be difficult to find but it’s worth smashing every jar you come across.

Completing Objectives

How To Get More Sea Shards In Windbound
Arguably the easiest and fastest method of obtaining Sea Shards is through natural progression in the game. Each Chapter follows the same format. You arrive in new seas and begin exploring. There are always multiple islands in each Chapter but there are always three islands that have your objectives, the small towers you must climb to get one of the three keys that you need to complete the Chapter and move on to the next.

Each time you find one of these objectives, you will gain additional Sea Shards.

Hidden Structures

How To Get More Sea Shards In Windbound
Much like getting increased Health & Stamina, there are special structures hidden throughout the game world that provide you with a big boost in Sea Shards. They are quite rare and not normally found on the main three islands in each Chapter, but it can happen. You are more likely to find them by exploring the much smaller islands. In the later chapters there are large islands made entirely of rock that requires a glider to access, these can also house Sea Shard structures.

That’s the best way we’ve found of maximizing your Sea Shards. Using these methods we always had enough to buy a new Blessing at the end of each Chapter.

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