How To Get Jellyfish In Spiritfarer
One of the first requests in Spiritfarer tasks you with finding Jellyfish. This guide on How To Get Jellyfish In Spiritfarer will tell you exactly where you have to go so you can catch Jellyfish so you can make a kitchen and start preparing food for your friends.

During the initial moments of Spiritfarer you are told to do some fishing. You’ll likely catch a few fish and maybe even fish up some old boots, but you won’t find Jellyfish here. Jellyfish are a special fishing resource that cannot just be gathered from the regular fishing spot on your boat unless you are in the correct location.

Where To Find Jellyfish In Spiritfarer

How To Get Jellyfish In Spiritfarer
Head into the Cabin and open the map. You will see a large, darkened area. If you highlight the area, it tells you that the Jellyfish can be found at this location. Set your travel point to the Jellyfish’s location and wait for your boat to arrive. You will know when you arrive as the screen grows dark and purple.

Once the screen changes and you speak with Gwen, you will see a huge amount of Jellyfish heading towards the boat. They are not in the water, they are flying on and above the deck. It’s usually a good idea to sit somewhere on your boat that’s quite high as most of the Jellyfish come in high above the deck. As they come toward you, all you need to do is touch them. Once you have touched them, they pop and release the special materials that you need.

That’s everything you need to know to find Jellyfish in Spiritfarer.

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