One of the early obstacles you will run into in Resident Evil 3 are the chained doors. Check out this guide to find out how to cut chains in Resident Evil 3. You need to cut through chains in order to get the shotgun, which you don’t want to miss.

How To Cut Chains In Resident Evil 3

In order to cut chains in Resident Evil 3, you will first have to get the Bolt Cutters. If you played Resident Evil 2 remake, you already know about them. You can find the Bolt Cutters in the repair shop in the city. You will first have to get the Fire Hose so you can clear out the alley of flames. When you clear the flames, the next room has the Bolt cutters inside. After you get them, I recommend going back through the part of city you came from and opening the doors for more loot. Make sure you go back to the rail station to get the Shotgun from the wall as well, you’ll need it. The other rooms have medical supplies, ammo, and some key items for extra loot like grenades and weapon mods.

If you didn’t kill all the zombies on the streets and in the buildings be wary, the fat dude in the safe building came to life and grabbed me. If you cut the chains in the repair room, the run back and hit the three chains in the first part of the city, you can get rid of the Bolt Cutters. So on top of getting more supplies, you will also be able to clear another space in your inventory by clearing all the chains. You’ll need that extra spot to carry shotgun shells anyways.

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