Horizon Zero Dawn, the acclaimed role-playing game from Guerrilla Games, is reportedly coming to PC at some point in 2020. Three years after its release in exclusive for PlayStation 4, it seems that we will be getting a new version. The adventures of Aloy in a post-apocalyptic and dangerous land full of gigantic robotic creatures caught the attention of many players when the game was announced, but since it was only available on Sony’s console there are quite a few players that had to skip playing it.

It is yet to be clarified if the new version of Horizon Zero Dawn will be just a port of the old game for PS4 or if we will be getting improved graphics and maybe some bonuses. The capabilities of the different platforms are so different that we are not sure that Guerrilla Games is willing to invest a lot of effort into working on the visuals of the PC version.

The interesting thing about this news is that Horizon Zero Dawn is the first PlayStation-exclusive game published by Sony from a Sony-owned studio that will be released on PC. We have seen other games that initially have been available for Sony’s console published for PC after their launch, but not by Sony. The most notable example of that event will happen when the recently-launched Death Stranding is be published on PC by 505 Games this year.

We don’t know if Sony is changing the way it handles its exclusive games in the future to appeal to PC players. That is something that Microsoft has been doing for a while already by allowing players who own any game in the Play Anywhere list to enjoy it both in Xbox and PC without having to pay an extra.

We can only hope that other games that are exclusive to PlayStation will be available on PC, and we are sure that plenty of players will be quite happy if games like Bloodborne or the ones in the Uncharted series were available to them without having to buy a console.

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