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Whew. What a presentation, huh? If you missed out on the lengthy Nintendo Direct that just aired earlier today, we got you covered. You can learn all about the new Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC fighter, Hero, right here. We also have all the Smash Update 4.0 info available for you as well. If you don’t like hearing me rant, you can scroll to the bottom and watch the 22-minute video.

Masahiro Sakurai, smiling.

Our one true Hero.

A Hero Draws Near!


Hero is the next playable character in the Fighter Pass DLC bundle to come to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. He arrives in the United States on July 30 sometime in the late afternoon. Masahiro Sakurai, director of Ultimate, put up a live Nintendo Direct detailing Hero and his abilities. Sakurai tells us that this character has the most special moves out of any character on the roster so far.

Bounce, one of Hero's spells.

Hero’s first ability is to randomly land critical hits on enemies when he uses a smash attack. These come out of nowhere, doing about 50% damage. He can also block projectiles with his shield, in a similar fashion to Link. As for his special attacks, here are some bullet points for you:

  • Neutral B: Frizz – Frizz produces a short flame projectile, burning opponents. You can hold down the B button to charge up and release a Frizzle attack or hold it down until it’s fully charged to unleash a more powerful Kafrizz attack. Similar to Samus, you can store your charged-up attack for later.
  • Side B: Zap – This move starts as a standard lightning attack, zapping foes. Zapple is the next strongest version of this attack, charged up like Frizzle. And lastly, Kazap is the fully charged-up version of the attack. You can’t store this attack for later use like you can with Kafrizz.
  • Up B: Woosh – Woosh is Hero’s recovery move, with three different versions, just like his other two specials. Swoosh is the slightly charged version that goes a little higher and Kaswoosh causes one of the most effective recovery distances I’ve ever seen. This move can also damage other players.
  • Down B: Command Selection – This is the big one: Command Selection. With this move, you can pick from a randomly generated list of four separate spells to cast. Once you open up the Command Selection menu with down B, you can pick a spell and cast it. This is why Hero has so many special moves. Some of them include Bounce, Psyche Up, Oomph, Heal, Flame Slash and more.

Those are the Hero’s special moves, all of which use some of his 100 MP gauge. Some attacks use more MP than others, so Sakurai cautions players to keep their eye on the blue bar.

Also included with Hero are his new, airborne stage, Yggdrasil’s Altar. The stage comes from Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age S – Definitive Edition and is part of the Fighter Pass DLC or as part of the second DLC pack containing Hero, which goes for $5.99. You also purchase some Mii outfits inspired by Dragon Quest for $0.75 each, but do people really use those (don’t hate me if you do)?


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Update 4.0

What else comes in the latest big update for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate? It’s not all just Dragon Quest stuff for those who purchased the DLC. Here’s a brief list of the updates:

  • FS Meter: There will be a time limit on the Final Smash Meter, preventing players from keeping the charge the whole match.
  • Spectate Mode: A new Spectate Mode lets you guess which player will win in saved matches. You bet Spectate Points and win or lose them if you guessed correctly. You are able to trade these for Spirits and other bonuses later.
  • Adventure Mode Difficulty: Very Easy is coming to Adventure Mode for players who just want to cruise through the long mode.
  • Online Tourney Mode: You’ve also got an online tournament mode coming, where a ton of fighters are put into brackets. The last round is a four-player match where the winner takes all. Each player gets one entry and Sakurai promises that the rules for this mode will change with time.

That’s all for Update 4.0; in other news, Isabelle, Pokemon Trainer, and Pichu amiibo are all available in stores now. Finally, check out our Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Review if you’re still holding out on buying the game or aren’t sure what all the fuss is about.

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