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Halo fans can rejoice, as Halo: Reach will be releasing on PC on December 3 as the first part of the PC release of the Master Chief Collection. This news comes courtesy of the Halo: Reach store page that received an update this morning, the day of the beginning of X019.

Fans have wanted MCC on PC for far too long and Microsoft has been pretty hushed about when that will be happening. We did know that Reach would kick off the transition, but with each passing day, it seemed more and more likely that we would be waiting until 2020.

The games in the MCC have all received raving reviews from critics. The Halo series, in general, has gotten consistently praised across nearly two decades of releases for its approach to the First-Person-Shooter genre. The PC release of MCC is supposed to come with technical improvements and upgraded capabilities. This should hopefully allow a whole new generation of gamers to appreciate the series from start to finish the way older audiences have.

We even gave Halo: Reach some love by officially dubbing it the seventh-best game to come out of 2010 (to be fair, it was a competitive year). It can be a hot topic among hardcore fans of the series, but many would argue Reach to be the pinnacle of Halo due to how the game handles customization and atmosphere. It will be interesting to see what slightly more modern audiences think of a slightly more modern take on these classics.

from sickcritic