We told you about this yesterday in another article, Valve has announced that all Half-Life games will be free until Half-Life: Alyx is released in March. In the aftermath, a handful of members of the game team organized a question and answer session on Reddit last night.

A host of questions have been asked about Half-Life: Alyx by the community, and of course, not all of them have been answered, especially those that would spoil the story. However, a lot of interesting information has been made public by the team.

One of the most relevant things is the current state of development of the game. There is good news about that since the team said that Half-Life: Alyx was more or less finished.

With the exception of some tweaks to the absolute final scene, the game is done. Lots of us at Valve, as well as playtesters, have played through the entire game multiple times.

Therefore, Half-Life: Alyx should logically go gold soon, and we should be getting a precise release date for the game very soon too.

But that’s not all that has been revealed in this exchange between the game team and the community.

On the enemy side, the Barnacles will be present in the game, and VR will allow players to face them in new ways. Combine Soldiers will have several variants to spice up the gameplay.

In terms of functionality, the team states that the noise created by the players in the game will not be a central component of the gameplay but that there will be “a notable exception”. The game will also offer a variety of possibilities in terms of movement, and Valve is working to make it more accessible, especially for people with disabilities.

Regarding weapons, they will all be usable with one hand. Valve states that it has made this choice so that players can use their second hand to perform other simultaneous actions.

Finally, in terms of atmosphere, although Half-Life: Alyx is in VR, it will be visibly bearable in terms of horrific images. According to Tristan Reidford, (3D model maker at Valve): “Some of our gorier visuals tend to evoke a grim fascination rather than revulsion or panic.”

Half-Life: Alyx – Gravity gloves

Of course, many other subjects were mentioned, such as the publication of development tools for creating mods. We have discussed here only the most relevant points. You can check out the entire conversation between the game team and the community on Reddit.

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