PAX West 2019 comes to an end today and ArenaNet has taken advantage of the event to announce good news to Guild Wars 2 players.

Released in 2012, the MMORPG taking place in Tyria had at the time an interesting economic model for players, compared to some of its competitors. Indeed, at the time you just had to buy the game to play it, no subscription was necessary. The base game later became free-to-play in 2015, with the launch of its first expansion, Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns.

In 2017, the second expansion was released with the name of Guild Wars 2, Path of Fire. It introduced, among other things, a feature that was previously absent in the game: the mounts.

Guild Wars 2 – The Icebrood Saga

ArenaNet has announced the launch of a new chapter in the Living World called “The Icebrood Saga”, whose prologue, Bound by Blood, will be available on September 17. Get ready for the icy cold as you head towards the Shiverpeaks to face the Frostblood, the corrupt followers of Jormag, an ancient dragon. The various chapters of The Icebrood Saga will be available for free for all Path of Fire extension holders and should contain new maps, masteries, and attack missions.

But this is not the only news about Guild Wars 2. Indeed, in parallel with this new chapter of the Living World, we also learned that the DLC Heart of Thorns will be offered free to all players who buy Path of Fire.

ArenaNet also thought of players who already have the expansion. Players who bought Hearts of Thorns before August 30 will receive a veteran pack containing the Mordrem Glider, the title “Vanguard”, and a voucher to trade for an armor skin in the gem shop. And for those who would have bought the expansion in the last two months, ArenaNet even offers a refund in real money or gems to spend in the shop. Certain conditions are still required to benefit from the refund. You can consult them directly on the official Guild Wars 2 website.

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