Rockstar has definitely been appearing in the news quite often lately due to several reasons. We told you about one of them in a previous article: the unavailability of Grand Theft Auto 4 on Valve’s platform. It’s not known at the moment if the title will be purchasable again in the future, but it’s not the only subject that is making people talk about the studio right now.

Indeed, for some time, many players have been wondering about the future of the Grand Theft Auto series. More precisely for five years now, since it was in 2015 when the head of Rockstar North, Leslie Benzies, confirmed that work on the next installment in the series had already started at that time. But for the last five years, the studio has not been very informative. At the same time, it must be said that with the release of GTA V on PC and the development of Red Dead Redemption II, the team has been quite busy.

That hasn’t stopped players from expecting news from the upcoming title in the Grand Theft Auto series. This expectation has caused the apparition of a host of rumors and alleged leaks, more or less credible, which have been accentuated in recent months. The hunt for clues is in full swing.

We will have to wait with Trevor until GTA VI comes

Precisely, new information comes to bring water to the visibly inexhaustible mill of rumors about GTA VI. TaxWatch UK, a British think tank that has revealed information concerning taxes and especially the aid received by Rockstar in 2019 has revealed that the studio has indeed requested more than £ 38 million in tax relief. Without going into boring details, this represents a colossal sum which, according to TaxWatch, could only be linked to the development of a game of a certain size: GTA VI.

This does not necessarily mean that we will see the game anytime soon, and with the new generation of consoles preparing, it is quite possible that the title will not see the light of day before at least the end of the year. However, this still indicates a significant production cost and that the development of the game must be at full speed.

Of course, while waiting for official info from Rockstar, it’s better to avoid getting too carried away, but who knows. Hopefully, GTA VI is on the right track. In the meantime, you can always find GTA V at the best price on our comparator.

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