The event you were waiting for finally has a starting date. The heart of Los Santos is about to experience the inauguration of the largest entertainment complex in GTA Online. The brand-new Diamond Casino & Resort is opening its doors on July 23, and everyone is welcome to play! Just head to the corner of Vinewood Park Drive and Mirror Park Boulevard and experience the thrill of playing.

“More than just a place to let go of your inhibitions and your sense of the passage of time, The Diamond is the one-stop destination for quality entertainment, high-end living and a range of experiences you won’t find anywhere else.”


Diamond Casino & Resort is the perfect place to lose track of time and indulge yourself in playing to your heart’s content. There is an endless list of new activities for your leisure time, with games like Blackjack, Poker, Blackjack, Roulette, and Slot Machines. You can visit the Inside Track to watch horse races and bet on the winner. There are shops where you can purchase exclusive clothing.

And there is more to the Diamond Casino & Resort than playing. You will have access to the exclusive Penthouse of the Casino, that comes with a VIP membership. It will grant you a multitude of services that range from access to High Limit Tables and VIP lounges to aircraft and limousine services. All the luxury you can think of and everything needed to have a great time is at the reach of your hand, providing that you can pay for it, but that shouldn’t be a problem for someone like you, of course.

Diamond Casino & Resort

There will be a bit of work waiting for you too. If you own a Master Penthouse suite, you will also be considered part of The Diamond Family, which will give you access to several missions that will let you help the owner and staff protect your investment. You might have to get your hands dirty dealing with a corrupt family of Texan petrochemical magnates, but that shouldn’t be an issue, and once you finish with them you will get an exclusive vehicle as a reward.

Start packing your luggage and get ready for moving to a new luxurious residence once Diamond Casino & Resort DLC launches next week in GTA Online

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