The 17th century undoubtedly was an age of discovery an exploration through the world. GreedFall, the upcoming role-playing title from Spiders studio is taking an exciting approach to the theme with the addition of magic into the mix among other features. The discovery of a new and strange island serves as the trigger for an epic story that will have you traveling to an unexplored land in an official mission to search of a cure for a disease that afflicts your country. It sounds promising, and now it looks promising too because Focus Home Interactive has published a lengthy gameplay video that shows a bit more of what GreedFall has to offer.

As you can see in the video, GreedFall looks spectacular. Spiders has nailed it if we talk about the environment, the look of the characters, and the combination of magic, firearms, and melee weapons in combat. Everything seems to be in place to provide an epic experience to you once you set foot on the island for the first time.

GreedFall could remind some players of other recent RPGs where exploration, missions, and discoveries go hand in hand to deliver a true “adventure” feeling. Offering some of the best features of the genre, it has all the potential to entice players into getting immersed in a new world for the adventure of their lives. That’s something that’s missing in many titles of the genre lately; many of them feel like a collection of missions that guide you through a dull story in a lifeless fantastic world where adventure itself is secondary and your choices hardly ever matter.

The world of GreedFall

From the information we have so far, GreedFall could be deemed as a sort of new The Witcher 3. It’s true that the story behind it may not be as deep and engaging as Geralt’s, the game systems are not exactly the same, and the setting is completely different, but it’s also true that it has all the components to become the next great role-playing game and one to entertain the avid fans of adventures for a while.

GreedFall is coming out on September 10 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. You can find the best prices to buy it through our comparator.

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